"Capitan Ánimo"

June 29, 2009


How goes it? Cariari is fine. This week found more investigators. Some seem pretty good, but you never know. We usually only eat lunch here, unless someone feeds us, because there is just not enough time. Its fine though, because you get used to it. It rained a lot this week, but I don’t have an umbrella. I lost it in a field of tall grass a couple weeks ago. My comp doesn’t have one either so its fine.

This week was changes. Mostly everyone was invited because President Arbizu is leaving. It was fun. Changes are always pretty wild and full of ánimo. (Enthusiasm!) Pres. dressed up like our missions super hero, ‘Capitan Animo’. Our mission has some videos of ‘Capitan Animo’ that you can probably see on YouTube. I found one! ; ) At changes we also got a new DL, Elder Buckner from Salt Lake. I think our new mission pres, President Galvez is coming tomorrow.

I hear that the US soccer team beat Spain (ranked #1 in the world) 2-0 the other day. Yesterday I heard they lost to Brazil (ranked #2) 3-2 in the final of the Confederations Cup. I mention soccer because how well the US team does, seems to affect the work. Anyway, because the US beat Spain and Spain was #1, and because Costa Rica beat the US, the 'ticos' now claim that Costa Rica is the best in the world.

Oh, and I also hear Michael Jackson died. They are playing his songs everywhere.

I noticed on the blog you made for me you can get Google translate to translate the whole blog into Spanish. Even though the translation can be way off, sometimes you can understand it a little bit.

Well out of time goodbye.

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

June 22, 2009

How was your day? What did you do? Quit being so hard on yourself, you're a great dad! We had a Fathers’ day activity here a couple weeks ago and we were going to sing and play guitar for the song "Mi Viejo" with the young men but we didn’t have time to prepare. Anyway I hope you had a good Fathers Day and sorry for being a lame son. Quit being so hard on yourself! *Ü*

This week was fine. Adan was confirmed and we got six investigators to church (not including some of their little kids). A few are progressing but most don't keep commitments. Some have had almost all the lessons and then tell us baptism isn’t in their plans or that they will be baptized "cuando Dios quiere" (When God wants to) or when the time is right. Even when you explain it to them, people don't get it. But we do have some investigators that seem more interested, and seem good.

Yesterday we were able to get some of our investigators to church. We went to El Rotulo where we were supposed to meet a member with a truck to take some of our investigators. The member didn't show up so we found some random guy with a truck and offered to pay him if he gave us and our investigators to Cariari. He agreed and we then went to pick up our investigators who lived close by there. Four of them couldn’t come, but the rest of them could. We took a family of 10 (Maria Daisy, Francisco, and their 8 kids). Most of us rode in the back bed of the truck and the kids had fun.

After getting to church we introduced them to some members and went to pick up more investigators. We ended up getting one more to church, a woman named Maria. Adan showed up a little late (he rides his bike from El Rotulo (half an hour away in a bus, hour and a little more on bike, walking a couple hours)) but he was able to be confirmed and received the holy ghost. It was a good day at church.

We haven’t met the new mission president yet. Changes are this week, but my companion and I don’t have changes. There are 10 Elders and 2 Hermanas in my zone (Zona Atlantica). We are the only ones in Cariari. There are two in La Rita (my district, La Rita and us, four elders), two in Puerto Viejo, two in Guacimo, and two elders and two hermanas in Guapiles. Our whole zone meets in Guapiles every Tuesday morning for district meetings. Our zone conferences are usually in Siquirres.

Sounds like girls camp was fun. I want to go to girl’s camp. *Ü* I hear the US soccer team barely made it to the second round in the cup they are having in South Africa right now. They play Spain next. Do you even know what is happening? My zone played soccer against some ticos again today and we killed them again. We have to destroy them to redeem the US soccer teams loss against Costa Rica a few weeks ago.

I lost my brand new, sweet umbrella in a field of tall grass. Ill tell you about it in the future. That doesn’t mean I want you to send me an umbrella in the package. Just surprise me with the package, or send some little doughnuts. I got the graduation invitation last week.

I’m really tired, so I’m going to go take a nap, after we buy some food and print out some pics and buy eye drops (my eyes hurt, and yes I’ve been taking out my contacts every night on my mission, but my eyes have been hurting and red every once in awhile this change). Hopefully have time to rest. Talk to you later everyone.

Happy Birthday C........!

June 15, 2009

This week was long and tiring. We had to wake up at 4 in the morning almost every day. We had zone conferences, district meetings, and mission activities. We went to San Jose for a mission activity for President Arbizu’s farewell. We went to Siquirres for our last zone conference with President Arbizu. Other than that we’ve just been working a lot. We have tons of investigators but most aren’t progressing, so we have left some. We leave some and find new ones. It’s hard to know if people really want it or not and it’s hard to get them to understand the importance. Every time we have someone we think is going to get baptized something goes wrong.

Yesterday we woke up at 4:30 to take a bus out to El Rotulo to pick up some of our investigators and take them to church. None of them ended up being able to come with us even though they had told us they would, so we went to Formosa and Astua to take other investigators. In the end none of them came with us either. When we got to church, President Nelson asked us to speak, because the speakers fell through, again. My comp spoke on obedience and I spoke about sacrifice. Adan showed up late so he has to wait to receive the Holy Ghost till next week. Church ended early because everyone had to leave for some meetings in San Jose. We realized afterwards that we couldn’t lock the church gates because no one left the keys. After I borrowed someone’s phone and calling around I found out pres Nelson had all the keys and he was halfway to San Jose. We had to leave the church gates fake locked until the branch pres could get back.

Anyway I like my area for the most part. There are pineapple and banana plantations all over the place and a lot of the people here (especially the people in Sagrada Familia and El Rotulo) work in them. The names of some of the neighborhoods we work in here are Cariari Centro, Astua, Caribe, Formosa, La Sole, El Rotulo, Sagrada Familia, and Saint Peter (Sant Piter). *Ü*

Today we went to Guapiles with our zone and played soccer and we ate cake and pizza and even played pin the tail on the donkey (burro). We did this because the two hermanas (Sister Missionaries) in our zone have birthdays this month, and they wanted to share cake with us. It was fun and I was thinking about how it was your birthday (little Sister) and I’m glad I got to go to a birthday party. Anyway I hope you had a great birthday, congratulations on being 11 years old. We also watched the movie "Miracle".

I’m tired now but there is no time to rest, got to go to work. Bye.


Big farewell for President Arbizu

June 08, 2009


I’m glad you got the package. I’m fine here. Adan was baptized on Sunday after church. This week he seemed to get over his doubts and he said he wanted to be baptized. He will be confirmed next week. After his baptism we accidently locked ourselves inside the church gates, but after a lot of panicking, we eventually managed to escape.

President Arbizu finishes his mission at the end of this month.
Today most of the missionaries in the mission went to a park in San Jose where we had a big farewell for President Arbizu. We played games (Maya football (like ultimate Frisbee except that you throw a Frisbee of rope around, trying to score by getting it to go around a pole, like in horshoe, kinda.)) We also attached papers that have the mission's number and our testimonies, to helium balloons and let them float away, so that when someone finds the little papers littered all over Costa Rica, they will want to be baptized.*Ü* It was a pretty sweet day and we got to see a lot of our friends from old areas and previous zones.

Unfortunately short on time, and not much to write. From what I hear, my old area of Moravia is falling apart. That really stinks. How is life? I didn’t get most of the pictures you sent last week. It has rained more lately, but not too bad. Have a good week.

P.S.I forgot to mention that the US soccer team came here (in Tibas) to play against Costa Rica and they lost 3-1. They did terrible and im’ embarrassed. The ticos here will never let me hear the end of it. Just thought id mention it. Goodbye.


June 01, 2009

Last week I wrote you a long email but it got erased and I didn’t have time to rewrite it. =* {
Anyway these last two weeks have been good. I’m here in Cariari with my comp Elder Hernandez. My comp is from Panama and has 15 months on the mission. We work pretty well together. I’ve managed to convince him that food is necessary to survive in this world, so don’t worry, we’ve been eating pretty well. I’ve also been teaching my comp English.

Cariari is a little town (pueblito) in the campo. Our area is pretty big. It is pretty around here and kinda jungly. We live in Cariari Centro in a pretty nice, small, one room apartment. Cariari is hot and humid. We sweat a lot here. It supposedly rains a lot here but these last few weeks it hasn’t rained much. It would be nice to get a little rain instead of always having the sun beat down on you, but we’ll see if I still feel that way when it rains every day. We walk a lot here. We take buses to the far away parts of our area. Some parts are a couple hours away.

My comp and I have been working pretty hard. We always have a lot of investigators but only a few progresses. Juan Carlos is one of our best investigators. He is a 22 year old guy who has read a lot of the Book of Mormon. He just has to stop drinking and tone it down with the ladies. We also have 3 guys whose wives are members. They are Max, Francisco, and Jonathan. We had a baptism set up with our investigator Adan this week, but it didn’t happen because he's having doubts. Adan was taught in Limon about a year ago and we found him two weeks ago here in Cariari. He lives in El Rotulo. He is 28 years old but he isn’t sure if he should be baptized because his mom doesn’t approve. She says he’s already been baptized and even though we’ve explained how authority is necessary we need to keep visiting him to talk about his doubts. His mom is pretty unbelievable. We taught her about the restoration last week. When we asked her if she would change religions if God told her to, she said no. Her answer shocked me and I wasn’t sure if she understood my question so I asked her again so she would understand. She said she wouldn’t leave her church even if God told her it was incorrect. Sometimes I wonder why people go to church, if not to follow and please our Heavenly Father, then for what? Anyway this week we’ve found many new investigators and a few seem pretty promising.

Being in the campo has goods and bads. The people are a little more humble and will listen to you, but that also makes it harder to know who is actually interested and ready. Sometimes it’s hard to know if people actually understand the importance of what we are telling them.

We’ve been working in an area called la Sole lately. The people there seem curious when they see us and we know and are friends with a lot of the young men in that neighborhood. We are teaching a couple of them. We are teaching some guys named Jose and McGeaver. The last time we taught them they had doubts because the pastors in La Sole told them to stay away from us. Even though the pastors warned the people not to listen to us, it seems like their curiosity wins. We answered all of Jose and McGeavers questions and settled some of their doubts. We told them to read the book of Mormon to find out for themselves by praying about it.

Cariari has been in 'fiestas' this week. Every year around this time Cariari has carnivals and rodeos and parades for about a week. Yesterday was the last day and the streets in Centro were full of people parting and watching the parades.

There is only a branch here in Cariari. The church building is bigger and nicer than the one in Moravia, yet only about 30 people show up to Church here, when in Moravia it was about 90 people. The branch pres and counselor are from other cities in our district (Larita (where Elder Christensen (the elder I came to the country with) was until last changes) and Guapiles). The branch is pretty weak and I think it’s because the few priesthood holders we have don’t meet their responsibilities. Also some of the woman members have non member husbands (We are working on that).

My zone is Atlantica. Our zone leaders are Elder Manning and Elder Chamu. Our Dl, Elder Lynsky, is training Elder Belmont, in Larita. On Pdays we usually take an hour bus ride to Guapiles and meet at an outdoor synthetic field to play soccer. Sometimes we play against locals as well. We always win because we have pretty good soccer players in our zone. Elder Belmont and Elder Hollingworth played in High school too and are pretty good, and I'm not bad myself. *Ü*

I received the package you sent. I received it at changes but I forgot to tell you. I sent a package home two weeks ago. It had my blue suit, trench coat, and Cd with a bunch of pictures on it. Did you get it yet?

To answer some of your questions:
We have a member who washes our clothes but we don’t have a cocinera. We eat at sodas or at members houses or wherever we can. We have Mega Super and other stores in Centro so we have everything we need. I have had contact with Catholics, Evangelicals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Adventists, ex-Mormons, and atheists on my mission. They all want to fight but no matter what we say, no one wins. I have had a lot of contact with drunks, hobos (was friends with a group of hobos in Moravia), and crazy people as well. A drunk hobo gave me a hug yesterday.

How are you ALL doing ? S........ Congratulations on getting your Women in Excellence Award.
I miss all of you, Como esta Abuelito y Abuelita y toda la familia? How are Grandma and Grandpa and the whole family?

Elder Tobler