Big farewell for President Arbizu

June 08, 2009


I’m glad you got the package. I’m fine here. Adan was baptized on Sunday after church. This week he seemed to get over his doubts and he said he wanted to be baptized. He will be confirmed next week. After his baptism we accidently locked ourselves inside the church gates, but after a lot of panicking, we eventually managed to escape.

President Arbizu finishes his mission at the end of this month.
Today most of the missionaries in the mission went to a park in San Jose where we had a big farewell for President Arbizu. We played games (Maya football (like ultimate Frisbee except that you throw a Frisbee of rope around, trying to score by getting it to go around a pole, like in horshoe, kinda.)) We also attached papers that have the mission's number and our testimonies, to helium balloons and let them float away, so that when someone finds the little papers littered all over Costa Rica, they will want to be baptized.*Ü* It was a pretty sweet day and we got to see a lot of our friends from old areas and previous zones.

Unfortunately short on time, and not much to write. From what I hear, my old area of Moravia is falling apart. That really stinks. How is life? I didn’t get most of the pictures you sent last week. It has rained more lately, but not too bad. Have a good week.

P.S.I forgot to mention that the US soccer team came here (in Tibas) to play against Costa Rica and they lost 3-1. They did terrible and im’ embarrassed. The ticos here will never let me hear the end of it. Just thought id mention it. Goodbye.