Happy Birthday C........!

June 15, 2009

This week was long and tiring. We had to wake up at 4 in the morning almost every day. We had zone conferences, district meetings, and mission activities. We went to San Jose for a mission activity for President Arbizu’s farewell. We went to Siquirres for our last zone conference with President Arbizu. Other than that we’ve just been working a lot. We have tons of investigators but most aren’t progressing, so we have left some. We leave some and find new ones. It’s hard to know if people really want it or not and it’s hard to get them to understand the importance. Every time we have someone we think is going to get baptized something goes wrong.

Yesterday we woke up at 4:30 to take a bus out to El Rotulo to pick up some of our investigators and take them to church. None of them ended up being able to come with us even though they had told us they would, so we went to Formosa and Astua to take other investigators. In the end none of them came with us either. When we got to church, President Nelson asked us to speak, because the speakers fell through, again. My comp spoke on obedience and I spoke about sacrifice. Adan showed up late so he has to wait to receive the Holy Ghost till next week. Church ended early because everyone had to leave for some meetings in San Jose. We realized afterwards that we couldn’t lock the church gates because no one left the keys. After I borrowed someone’s phone and calling around I found out pres Nelson had all the keys and he was halfway to San Jose. We had to leave the church gates fake locked until the branch pres could get back.

Anyway I like my area for the most part. There are pineapple and banana plantations all over the place and a lot of the people here (especially the people in Sagrada Familia and El Rotulo) work in them. The names of some of the neighborhoods we work in here are Cariari Centro, Astua, Caribe, Formosa, La Sole, El Rotulo, Sagrada Familia, and Saint Peter (Sant Piter). *Ü*

Today we went to Guapiles with our zone and played soccer and we ate cake and pizza and even played pin the tail on the donkey (burro). We did this because the two hermanas (Sister Missionaries) in our zone have birthdays this month, and they wanted to share cake with us. It was fun and I was thinking about how it was your birthday (little Sister) and I’m glad I got to go to a birthday party. Anyway I hope you had a great birthday, congratulations on being 11 years old. We also watched the movie "Miracle".

I’m tired now but there is no time to rest, got to go to work. Bye.