Happy Fathers Day Dad!

June 22, 2009

How was your day? What did you do? Quit being so hard on yourself, you're a great dad! We had a Fathers’ day activity here a couple weeks ago and we were going to sing and play guitar for the song "Mi Viejo" with the young men but we didn’t have time to prepare. Anyway I hope you had a good Fathers Day and sorry for being a lame son. Quit being so hard on yourself! *Ü*

This week was fine. Adan was confirmed and we got six investigators to church (not including some of their little kids). A few are progressing but most don't keep commitments. Some have had almost all the lessons and then tell us baptism isn’t in their plans or that they will be baptized "cuando Dios quiere" (When God wants to) or when the time is right. Even when you explain it to them, people don't get it. But we do have some investigators that seem more interested, and seem good.

Yesterday we were able to get some of our investigators to church. We went to El Rotulo where we were supposed to meet a member with a truck to take some of our investigators. The member didn't show up so we found some random guy with a truck and offered to pay him if he gave us and our investigators to Cariari. He agreed and we then went to pick up our investigators who lived close by there. Four of them couldn’t come, but the rest of them could. We took a family of 10 (Maria Daisy, Francisco, and their 8 kids). Most of us rode in the back bed of the truck and the kids had fun.

After getting to church we introduced them to some members and went to pick up more investigators. We ended up getting one more to church, a woman named Maria. Adan showed up a little late (he rides his bike from El Rotulo (half an hour away in a bus, hour and a little more on bike, walking a couple hours)) but he was able to be confirmed and received the holy ghost. It was a good day at church.

We haven’t met the new mission president yet. Changes are this week, but my companion and I don’t have changes. There are 10 Elders and 2 Hermanas in my zone (Zona Atlantica). We are the only ones in Cariari. There are two in La Rita (my district, La Rita and us, four elders), two in Puerto Viejo, two in Guacimo, and two elders and two hermanas in Guapiles. Our whole zone meets in Guapiles every Tuesday morning for district meetings. Our zone conferences are usually in Siquirres.

Sounds like girls camp was fun. I want to go to girl’s camp. *Ü* I hear the US soccer team barely made it to the second round in the cup they are having in South Africa right now. They play Spain next. Do you even know what is happening? My zone played soccer against some ticos again today and we killed them again. We have to destroy them to redeem the US soccer teams loss against Costa Rica a few weeks ago.

I lost my brand new, sweet umbrella in a field of tall grass. Ill tell you about it in the future. That doesn’t mean I want you to send me an umbrella in the package. Just surprise me with the package, or send some little doughnuts. I got the graduation invitation last week.

I’m really tired, so I’m going to go take a nap, after we buy some food and print out some pics and buy eye drops (my eyes hurt, and yes I’ve been taking out my contacts every night on my mission, but my eyes have been hurting and red every once in awhile this change). Hopefully have time to rest. Talk to you later everyone.