"Capitan Ánimo"

June 29, 2009


How goes it? Cariari is fine. This week found more investigators. Some seem pretty good, but you never know. We usually only eat lunch here, unless someone feeds us, because there is just not enough time. Its fine though, because you get used to it. It rained a lot this week, but I don’t have an umbrella. I lost it in a field of tall grass a couple weeks ago. My comp doesn’t have one either so its fine.

This week was changes. Mostly everyone was invited because President Arbizu is leaving. It was fun. Changes are always pretty wild and full of ánimo. (Enthusiasm!) Pres. dressed up like our missions super hero, ‘Capitan Animo’. Our mission has some videos of ‘Capitan Animo’ that you can probably see on YouTube. I found one! ; ) At changes we also got a new DL, Elder Buckner from Salt Lake. I think our new mission pres, President Galvez is coming tomorrow.

I hear that the US soccer team beat Spain (ranked #1 in the world) 2-0 the other day. Yesterday I heard they lost to Brazil (ranked #2) 3-2 in the final of the Confederations Cup. I mention soccer because how well the US team does, seems to affect the work. Anyway, because the US beat Spain and Spain was #1, and because Costa Rica beat the US, the 'ticos' now claim that Costa Rica is the best in the world.

Oh, and I also hear Michael Jackson died. They are playing his songs everywhere.

I noticed on the blog you made for me you can get Google translate to translate the whole blog into Spanish. Even though the translation can be way off, sometimes you can understand it a little bit.

Well out of time goodbye.