♪ And walk, and walk and walk, and walk ♫

July 13, 2009


I didn’t write last week because I didn’t have time! = * {
This week has being more of the same. We are giving a lot of lessons. Found new people. Some of our investigators are progressing. Max has a baptismal date set for August 6. The family of 10 is progressing as well but the parents are not married yet. There is also a family that asks a lot of questions, but I think we have been able to answer them well and they are becoming more interested. We have a lot more, some are ready to be baptized but for some reason we can’t figure out why they don’t want to take that step yet!

We have received a lot of references lately. One reference lives out in ‘Ciudadella’. He wants us to start a new branch out there so that they can meet in his car painting shop. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do that as easily and as quickly as he is expecting, but he came to Church yesterday, and we are teaching him so that’s good. He has stopped drinking for 2 years and he hasn’t smoked in 22 days. He eats confitis (candy) instead.

We found out yesterday that our ZL Elder Manning is now AP. The old AP is going home a week or two early, for school, so they had emergency changes. Our new ZL is Elder Mathews. I haven’t met the new president yet. Not until end of the month.

We found the mouse that has been living with us, lying in the middle of the floor dead this morning. Don’t know how it died but… thank goodness. (be careful...don't eat what killed the mouse *Ü* , actually after thinking about it...maybe the mouse died of starvation!)

I Don’t know what else to write. Still walking a lot while everyone else around here has bicycles. Everyone always tells us we are "buenos para caminar". (good for walking!) It’s been raining hard lately. The good thing is that when your soaking wet people feel sorry for you and let you in the door.

I hope everyone’s okay and that there is peace and happiness at home. ♥