♫...I'm singing in the rain! ♪

July 20, 2009


It’s been raining all week long. Some days it rains for a long time nonstop. Other days it rains hard for a few minutes, and then stops for a few minutes, and then rains, and then stops and the sun comes out for a few minutes, and then it rains again. We have been completely soaking wet some days. It’s refreshing at first but uncomfortable being wet all day long.

We've been walking a lot this week! (Déjà vu? *Ü*). We've recieved a lot of references and they always live far away, deep in the middle of nowhere. But they´ve been pretty good references. We still have lots and lots of investigators. There are some that seem pretty good and are progressing. We put 3 baptismal fechas this week for the beginning of August. The fechas are for Max, and two of Maria Daisy´s daughters (who have taken the half hour bus ride to Church by themselves these last two weeks). Other good investigators include Juan Carlos, Diego and fam., Maria, Roberto, Jonathan, Carla, Eduardo, and Katherine. Katherine is a reference from our recent convert Adan. We are also teaching her grandpa and her two younger sisters (who have been to church twice).

Yesterday only 28 people showed up to church. Five of them were investigators. I had to, pass the sacrament, and direct the music, and give a talk at the last minute again. I think a lot of people didn’t show, because it was raining.

Today we are going to La Rita to play soccer with our district and some jovenes. I haven’t played soccer in about 3 weeks. I need a haircut. I hope everyone’s doing good. Good luck in school everyone. Get good grades. Work hard. Be happy. Be confident. Be brave. Have no fear. Good luck in work dad. Good luck at home at work mom. Goodbye.