Same ol' Same ol'...

July 27,2009


This week nothing new. Same ol' Same ol'. We had a lot of appointments fall through this week. We also got stranded out in the middle of nowhere and got home late because the buses aren't very reliable. There are drunk hobos everywhere here in Cariari centro because there are a lot of bars. The other night we hung out with a bunch of the drunk hobos, trying to get them to turn their lives around.

On Tuesday we went to help Jonathan and Karen work in their Finca (Ranch) out in Palmitas. Its really pretty out there and we worked, chased cows, and swung on vines. We hit a lot of trees while swinging on the vines, but it was fun.*Ü* We also had to knock some coconuts down from the trees. We finally knocked one down from a tall tree with a long stick, but it almost fell on my head. I don´t like coconut juice. Coconuts should be filled with lemonade or something that actually tastes good. Anyway we worked all day fixing fences and picking fruit.

Max and Maria, Daisy's family didnt make it to Church yesterday so we might be postponing the baptisms. We have to wait and see.

Today we played soccer with our zone in Guapiles and we ate Pizza and cake.

No, I havent met the new mission pres yet. I meet him tomorrow. No, I haven't gotten the package yet.

Good luck everyone in school, work, and life. goodbye.