August 03, 2009

Hi family, How’s it going? This week I went on divisions in ‘Guapiles’ and in ‘La Rita’, so I was away from my area for 2 days. Our Zone Leader, Elder Mathews was in ‘Cariari’ saying goodbye because he is going home tomorrow (Tuesday). He was here in ‘Cariari’ and ‘La Rita’, for almost half of his mission and they sent him back to this zone as ZL in ‘Guapiles’.

Max was supposed to be baptized yesterday but he didn’t show up! My companion was supposed to have changes but the plans changed at the last second so he and I are staying here in Cariari. In our zone Elder Mitton has changes. Our other zl Elder Shamo will be going home in a couple weeks (6 missionaries are leaving 3 weeks early for school) so we'll have 2 new zone leaders. 18 missionaries are going home tomorrow. Also we were going to get 20 new missionaries but only 10 are coming to our mission so 6 areas are being closed.

We played soccer again today as a zone in ‘Guapiles’. I suck now and I’m fat. It was elder Burgos’s birthday and we went to 'Pollo Campero' and ate cake again (no wonder I’m getting fat). My comp's birthday is next (at the end of august) and then Elder Welton (from Tucson) so we might get more cake soon.

I met President Galvez. He gives good hugs. He told me I needed a haircut. It’s not my fault, we just hadn’t had time. I finally got one! I received the package as well… *Ü* It had some books, an umbrella, doughnuts, starbursts, gummy bears, Kool-Aid packages, and packages of pasta and other food. Yum! Thank you!
Good luck in school, work, and play everyone.