They just don´t get it!

August 10, 2009


This week we just keep working. We borrowed some member’s bikes a couple times to get to some appointments an hour into nowhere. The path is really rocky and muddy but it was faster and more fun than walking. Unfortunately the first time, we were stood up, but the second time, we had a good lesson.

Our zone was combined with the Limon Zone so our ZL’s are in Limon. The zone is still called ‘Atlántica’.

Max was not baptized this week. Its going to take at least a couple more weeks for him to be baptized. I don’t know if anyone is really close to baptism right now. Every time we think someone is getting close, something goes wrong. For example some sisters we were teaching are hesitant to listen to us anymore because some of their uncles, and stepdad, told them the Church was diabolical. Even though the sisters have been to Church many times and have said they feel good when we share with them, they believe what other people say. Also the people that are most likely to be baptized always have economic problems, or live far away, or have too many kids, this makes it difficult for them to go to Church and progress. Then the people we teach for a long time, like Jonathan and Juan Carlos, just won’t be baptized for some reason we can’t figure out. And then they won’t pray about it either. It’s really sad.

We are planning a ward mission activity since a member basically told us we are lazy because we haven’t planned one yet. We had a guy tell us that he respects our mission but thinks we just walk around passing houses without visiting people. We explained to him we usually have appointments we are walking to but when we don’t, we do stop and knock doors. Unfortunately, sometimes we (the members) tend to forget that missioneries, have been set apart as servants of the Lord, and that they teach by the spirit. Jesus Christ will guide you to the people that are ready to receive his teachings, stay close to the spirit and don't get discouraged! M♥M

The doughnuts in the package were in fine condition and good. I did also get the ties. Silk isn’t the best (beacuse of the humidity), but I like the pink tie and wore it to Church. I basically already finished the books you sent too. They are very interesting and helpful. (Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest and Book of Mormon Evidences) I’m glad school’s going good for you girls. I know you’ll all do great. Stay confident (all of you), and be friends with everyone. Have some fun. Hola Abuelito. Hola Abuelita. Hi Grandpa and Grandma. I hope everyones doing well. Goodbye.