...Thank you for the power! ; )

8:45 AM - August 17, 2009

70 °F Light Thunderstorm Rain

9:39 a.m.
This week I chopped a chick's (baby chicken (more like a pre-teen chicken i think) head off with a kitchen knife, chopped a tree down with a machete, and destroyed an ant civilization. We did this for service for a less active member named Shirley. The chicken thing was hard to do but the chicken was sick and dying and Shirley asked me to put it out of its misery by "cortando la jupa". I practiced cutting the head off another chicken that was already dead; because I wanted to make sure I could kill the live one in one clean chop. When I finally was able to bring myself to decapitate the chicken, its head came off completely in one chop. Although the head came clean off, the body kept twitching and flapping its wings, and there was some blood that squirted out. This was kind of freaky, but I’m glad its death was quick and hopefully not to painful. Anyway after the execution and burial we took on a tree ant civilization. The ants were relentless in defending their civilization and gave us some good battle scars, but in the end we were victorious in chopping down the tree they inhabited with a machete. *Ü* I don't know if I should laugh or cry!

10:39 am
How are you all doing? The power here in Cariari has been going out a lot so this is like the 5th time I’ve had to write this email. I think ill send it in parts just in case it goes out again. This will be the first part. To be continued......

11:15 AM
This week we had some interesting lessons. We had some of the most random questions and doubts, but we were able to answer them. We still always borrow members’ bikes to get to some citas (appointments) deep in the jungle.

Yesterday, the leaders of the stake came to speak to the group (I thought it was a branch, but its actually a group) here in Cariari. They were some good talks. The Cariari group is in the ‘Los Yoses’ Stake in San Jose.

Also we were FINALLY able to get Juan Carlos to come to church. He said he liked it, so that’s good. We were expecting about 8 other investigators to come as well, but they didn’t show.

12:58 AM
Finally the powers back on. This should be the 4th part of the email. Did you get them all? How is everyone doing? Are you staying busy dad? Still having fun at work? Life? Feliz Dia de Madre (happy Mothers Day!) here in Costa Rica mom (2 days ago) ...Thank Y♥u! . What are you up to? I´m praying for all of you and hope you´re all good. I better send this before the power goes out again!