We'll try again next week.

March 22, 2010
This week we kept working. Found some new people. We went on divisions with some of the Vasquez brothers, Braulio, and Bruno. We also had a mejenga (street soccer game) at the church, for some of our investigators to meet the members. We have a mejenga, every Tuesday, and half the people that come are members, the other half aren't. More and more people come every week and its been a good way to set up some future investigators, and get people some member friends.
Jaime and Brazilia could get married and be baptized this Saturday. Brazilia has decided to be baptized, but Jaime is still unsure. We are going to visit them tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully Jaime makes his decision, even if its just to get married so that Brazilia can be baptized on Saturday. We have the lawyer ready, we just need them to give the go.
My sources tell me that Natalia (from Heredia) did get baptized on March 13th, the day we had planned. That´s awesome!
Yesterday morning (Sunday) we went to pick up 3 investigators, and they all ended up not being able to come. We were also expecting 2 more to come to church, but they didn't come either. So out of 5 investigators expected, 0 came to church. We´ll try again next week. *Ü*
This morning a guy from the Tres RIos ward named Freddy Chavez, left on his mission to Guatemala. There are a lot of young single adults in the ward, and a lot getting ready to serve missions.
This P-day morning we did service. Jaime is a carpenter so we went to help him move a bunch of pieces of wood. After a couple of hours of service, Elder Sierra and I went to eat at the'Terramall' (the big mall we walk through every day. We have to walk through the mall, and walk on the bridge over the freeway to get to our area every day.). I got KFC to eat and my comp got Taco Bell. Normally I would have gotten Taco Bell, but I haven´t eaten KFC at all since I've started the mission. On the way home we bought some food at Megasuper. We have to end P-day early again today, because of a cita (appointment). I haven't had a normal P-day in over a month.
Thnx for the email's. Wow, people are getting married and going on missions, all over the place.