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March 29, 2010

Jaime and Brazilia didn't get baptized this week. None of our investigators came to church this week. The Hermanas did have one investigator. We've had trouble finding good investigators. Every time we find someone who seems good the first time, we never find them again or they turn out not so good. We've been trying to get references from the members. Last Sunday we handed out some cards with our phone number on it to all the members at church. We drew some dorky pictures of Elders on it and wrote, "Estamos para servirles" (We are here to serve you) so they can call us if they need anything like service. While we were making copies of the cards, we changed some things on the pictures (like colored in the ties, changed hair, etc.) , so in the end there were like 8 different versions of the same picture on the cards we passed out. Yesterday we handed out papers with D&C 18:10,15-16 on it and spaces so they could give us references. The Lider Misional, Hna Almengor (SIster Missionary) and I all gave talks about missionary work. I spoke mainly so that the members would think about and realize how blessed they are to have the gospel in their lives. I also talked mainly to teach the members how to share the gospel with people. Hna Bingham (sister missionary) also sang a hymn, and I think it was a good sacrament meeting. In the end no one filled out the reference papers but they said they will this week. We are going to follow up with them.

I talked to Elder Lee and his comp Elder Amador who are in Heredia at Multi-Zone conference this week. They said that Vanessa's two kids were baptized. They also said that Daniela and Nidia were baptized as well. So including Natalia, 5 people were baptized in Heredia this month. Sunilda and her two kids have a baptismal date set for next month. Thats awesome!

Although we didn't have any baptisms this month, I did get to baptize someone this week. The Hermanas had a baptism named Margarita, and I was able to baptize her. She was a little nervous to get in the water, but in the end she got in and it was a great baptism. President and Sister Galvez were there as well.

Yesterday we rode in a bus full of drunk Saprissa fans and today we rode in a bus full of boy and girls scouts. Gabriel Cervantes is with us today. Our pday got changed to Friday because its Semana Santa. (Holy Week/ Easter)

I recieved the package. Thanks for all the candy and shirts and rubix cubes, they're cool. Grandma and Grandpa also sent me a pkg. Thanks.

Love you, hope everyones good.

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