First Earthquake Experience!

March 15, 2010

Be strong
and of a good courage;
be not afraid,
neither be thou dismayed:
for the Lord thy God is with thee
whithersoever thou goest.

This last week we worked hard. We knocked a lot of doors and talked to a lot of people in the street. We also talked to a lot of drunks. Unfortunately, a lot of people around here trust Arjona (the singer) more than God. Good news is we did find some pretty good investigators. One of them is a Buddhist lady who wanted us to get her the book called, "The Stick of Joseph" (El Palo de Jose), because she needs it for some kind of report I think. We told her we didn't have that book, but we did have the book which that book talked about, the actual Stick of Joseph, El Libro de Mormon. When we gave it to her, she got really excited and she said she would read it because she loves to read. Since then we've been answering her Preguntas del Alma (Questions of the Soul) about the meaning of life, etc., with the Book of Mormon, and we are going to keep working with her.

I forgot to tell you that last week I felt my first temblor (little earthquake). Throughout the mission there have been earthquakes happening all around me, but I’ve never felt a thing. One night last week at about 11:00 pm, I finally did. My comp and I were lying in our beds, listening to the tab choir, and just as the music built up to its climax, the temblor hit our house. The first thing I thought was, "Wow, Elder! These are some powerful speakers!", but then I realized they weren’t the speakers. We live in a two story little house, behind the owner's house. We sleep on the second floor, which is basically made of tin. So when the 4.something earthquake hit, it shook the house around a bit, and made some noise, but it was over in like four seconds. After the temblor, I laid there in thought and then asked my comp, "Estas despierto?” (Are you awake?)He said, "Si". I asked, "Sintio eso?” (Did you feel that?) He said, "Si". Anyway it was pretty interesting. I heard it was stronger over by Heredia.

This week we went to a member’s house, Hermana Vicky Chavez, and we made some bread. The Hermanas were there as well. (sister missionaries) Also a recent convert named Alba. We made some loaves of Banana bread and a type of pan dulce con queso (sweet bread with cheese). They turned out pretty good and we took some home with us.
Also had the wards semi-weekly, Noche de Pelicula (movie night). The movie was, "La Princesa y El Sapo" ("The Princess and The Frog"). We went to meet the non-members the members brought and we have some new investigators because of it.
Also had a mejenga (played soccer) this week as well. There were members and non members, but it was fun, and luckily I get to change some of the miss-conceptions people here have, that all gringos suck at soccer.

A couple of days ago some guy in El Monte climbed up the telephone towers and fell like 30 feet, and got stuck on a lower part of the tower. Everyone in El Monte went outside to watch the action, but I’m guessing no one called the police because they arrived like half an hour later. I guess the guy wasn’t hurt too bad because after sitting there for half an hour he started to climb down the tower himself. Since everyone was in the street we contacted a few people and put some citas to pass by.

This morning (P-day) we went to eat breakfast with Gabriel Cervantes. We had Gallo Pinto. I had it with huevo (egg), my comp with salchichon (sausage), and Gabriel with carne (meat), but we all had Gallo Pinto (rice mixed with beans). Then we went to do service at some lady's house. We moved a whole lot of dirt from the back yard, to the front yard, with two shovels and a bucket. We still have to finish another day. Then we had an appointment to go to so we ran home, showered, and got ready in half an hour, then walked over to the cita, and they weren’t there. We have to end P-day early as well because we have a cita at 5 pm.

V......, your letter will make it to you eventually, How was your Birthday? What did you do? Good luck in school and work everyone. I’m going to send last year’s pics soon, hopefully. Sorry. Sigue adelante!