Mario was confirmed yesterday! = D

April 27, 2009

hi, this week we had a lot of work. Mario was confirmed yesterday in Sacrament meeting and I was able to confirm him. Mario’s brother Marcos, is now staying at a place where they take care of him and feed him (I don’t know what it’s called) and Mario says it’s really nice. It’s hard to be away from his brother but Mario is glad he’s in a better place and can be taken care of and Mario always goes and visits him. Leo is awesome and rock solid. He reads the scriptures all the time and almost done with bom (Book of Mormon), comes to church, is doing his home teaching, has become friend with other members, and is sharing the gospel with all of his friends. We have started teaching one of his friends named Billy who is also pretty awesome. Leo and Billy came with us when we taught Laura this week. As far as our other investigators go, they aren’t really progressing.

Laura and Katie seem disinterested sometimes and Andrea has been acting different lately and she can’t be baptized as long as she lives with her "husband". She has a 3 year old kid, I don’t know if he’s the father. We have started teaching a girl who Bonn and I found a long time ago in Los Sitios (it’s the girl who we were going to teach when we almost got shot). When we showed up this time she seemed a lot more excited to see us and she said she was thinking about calling us. We have also found other investigators this week. One we found yesterday seems pretty solid. His name is Alex and he has 3 kids and is close to his family. We had a really good lesson with him and I think he could be golden. I think we cae him bien (he likes us *Ü*) as well because he offered to take us up to the National Park in our area (the one we tried to get to a couple weeks ago but ended up stranded on the side of the road) and we will probably do that next week.

Hermano Saenz finally made my leather tie that I designed and it turned out sickly sweet. I wore it to church yesterday and everyone loved it. Some of the members and my comp have even ordered some from hno. (brother) Saenz. My tie has the Costa Rican crest on it and says "Pura Vida". It’s kind of hard to tie, but when you tie a tie everyday, you get pretty good at it.
The members here are really awesome people, and I know most of them pretty well now. I’m even one hermana's favorite missionary (Hermana Nuyet). She wants me to tell you mom and dad that you did a good job raising me. =* }

I want more details about our School, soccer, soccer fight and who got in trouble. I know we didn’t win the state championship but who did...? We are still 4A right? But are we going to be 5AII next year? Has any new music come out? How is it? No Doubt new CD? Life? School? Good movies come out? Miss me?

Right now in Tibas, with District and ZLs. We are going to play soccer at an indoor cancha.