It´s been a REALLY long week! : l

April 20, 2009

It’s been a really long week. We’ve been working really hard. Since I know the area, I have more control about what we do and I have a lot more responsibility, which I like (that’s what I mean when I say I’ve been leading the area). We have a lot of good stuff to work with; we were able to get 10 new investigators this week. Leo was baptized on Saturday and received the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood on Sunday. He was baptized by a member he used to work with named Rodman, who is the guy who first gave him a book of Mormon. Rodman is also the one who baptized Leo’s friend Jimmy a few weeks ago. On Sunday Leo said I could confirm him, but somehow Bishop ended up doing it. I was disappointed at first, but I'm just glad he could receive the Holy Ghost. He’s awesome. Unfortunately, Mario hasn’t been confirmed yet. We visit him often, but he is just going through some really tough times. He has been trying to get his brother into a place where they could take care of him, so he can get a better job and won’t have to work on Sunday. He is really stressed and we are trying to find a way to get him to Church so he can have the Holy Ghost to help him. We are going to his house right after we finish emailing.

In other news, Laura got her old job back. She is a publicist. I went on divisions with my District Leader Tagliaferri last week as well and we went all the way up to San Jeronimo and walked farther up than I’ve ever been. We also explored Los sitios a little more and went all the way down a road I’ve always wanted to go down (we finally made it passed all the dogs) *Ü*
My area is so sick. The areas I explored is pure campo (Tagliaferri and I mooed at the cows again) and I also have ghetto and city areas. There are a lot of hills and a few rivers (mostly full of trash unfortunately). Elder Tagliaferri is training a new missionary named Elder Ash, from Lehi, Utah. He is really cool and I wish he was my comp. This week I finally dry cleaned my suit for the first time. We taught the girl that works there awhile ago but didn’t go back. Now we started teaching her again when I went to pick up my suit. She seems really good. The Girl at the China restaurant hasn’t been at work lately and today I found out why. The china lady told me she is pregnant. Darn it! Anyway, today we did Judo (I'm tired of it), played ping pong (we made the net out of hymn books at the church), and played soccer with the locals (we won).

I’m sorry I haven’t sent baptism pics yet. Hopefully I’ll send Veras, Marios, and Leos pics soon. About the package, did you already send it. I found out the little blue book I left in Baltimore is called The Pocket Reference Book for Missionaries, Parents, and Instructors: Doctrine and Info, Inspiration, and Religions of the World. Is that the book you ordered? What books did you order? I was hoping everything would come in one package because I know how expensive it is. They don’t have good pens in this country so some pens, gummy worms or bears, and pics (recent or old, I don’t care) would be good.

Dad, when you called the mission office to talk about my card, you talked with Elder Carr. I happened to call Elder Carr 2 minutes after you talked to him (because we needed to get permission to buy a new phone, because our old phone would ring non stop and sometimes the 1 and 4 buttons wouldn’t work) so he told me right then about the card. how are you doing? how is school, life? Did we win the soccer state championship, etc... I hope to eventually send home my blue suit, trench coat, and a CD with all my pictures. We’ll see what happens. Peace.