Long Week!

April 13, 2009

Short but better that nothing! (M♡M) =* }
It´s been a long week. A lot of work. Ive been leading the area here and doing everything possible to get investigators to church. Even when you call members and arrange to pick them up with members something always goes wrong. Mario didn't make it to Church so he still hasn't been confirmed. Hannia wasn't there although we came to pick her up. We started teaching Andrea (Vera´s daughter) this week and its going really well. We also taught Laura again, she still needs to pray. Leo is doing good and I think he will be baptized this Saturday. We visit him often. We have gotten a lot of new investigators that could be good this week as well.

On p'days we've been practicing Judo. The Tapia family in our ward are good at it. The kids are all National champions in Judo. it's good and we've learned a lot. In the package can you get me a Rick's Ready Reference or the book you bought me at Deseret Book ( the blue small one), or one like it because I left that book in Baltimore. Talk later.