It's been raining like crazy around here

June 28, 2010
This week Karen and Sebastina were baptized. It was tuanis (cool) to see them take this step. The baptismal service was very beautiful. Elder Rivera baptized Karen and I baptized Sebastian. Even though the water was cold, like always, they were very happy and their family members that are members(Xinia, marianella and Ana Gabriel) were too. The father and one of Karen´s friends went to the baptism to support her and they said it was very beautiful. We are going to start teaching the father this week. My companion and I passed our baptismal goal which was 2 since we had 3. The whole district had a total of 5 baptisms so we didn't meet our district goal of 7 but next month we are going to work hard to reach the new goal which is once again 7.
Its been raining like crazy around here. Its worse here because its colder than other parts. The other day the streets looked like raging rivers. One of those rivers flooded our dueñas house. The only part that wasn't full of water was our room. We helped Hermana Lijia unflood her house and then we went and helped a less active member named Elizabeth unflood her house as well.

We are teaching a couple that are making good progress and they went to church for the second time this week. Their names are Brun and Jasmine. Brun is from Haiti and Jasmine is from here. We have been teaching them for a while but because of their jobs we can only teach them on Sundays, once a week. We have taught them the majority of the lessions and Jasmine wants to be baptized but Brun isn't sure yet. But the last few weeks they have been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon and yesterday we watched "The Testaments" with them and they loved it. Brun has really been enjoying the lessons we have taught them and I think they will be baptized this month. We are also still teaching Cristobal, Luz and Margot. Even though Margot still has a lot of doubts each time that we start a lesson, by the end we have almost always answered and resolved her questions and doubts. We still have a lot of work to do with her but she is progressing little by little.

Today we had another district activity. We went to a place close to Paraiso called Orosi to see a Catholic church built in the 1700s and a museum there as well. When we got there we found out that the museum is closed on Mondays. Bad luck. We went into the church to beg the catholic father to let us go in for a few minutes but we had to wait for masss to end. We finally asked them but they wouldn´t let us. We tried to play soccer in the fields in front of the church but they kicked us out of there as well so we went to a souvenir store that come American members from Paraiso have there to ask what else there was to do there. They told us of another field close to another church so we went to look for it. We played for a little while on a teeter-totter and a slide and then we continued our journey. We went over a hanging bridge that was over a large river and we started to swing on it. After walking a lot we finally got to the fields. We played a lot of soccer and it was really fun. Finally, as in all district activities, we got drenched by the rain. To return to Cartago we had to catch 3 buses but we only had to pay for one of them. The first bus to us to another hanging bridge where cars could cross before but now the bridge is old and not very safe. When we got to the bridge we all crossed over, including the bus driver, and we got on another bus that took us to the bus which took us to Cartago. And here we are, still wet, in an internet cafe in front of the Basilica.

I heard that the US was doing really good in the world cup and had come from behind to win two games, but that this week they lost to Ghana so they're out. That really really stinks. Ghana kicked us out last world cup. Why do we lose to them. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. anyway,oh well. i guess we'll just have to wait another four years (ill be 25) to see them lose again (probably to Ghana, quien siempre gana(that always wins).hhahahahahah).

Elder Tobler