This week I hit 18 months in the Mission

June 21, 2010
...I still feel like a really lame missionary. We put a baptismal date with Karen and her son Sebastian this week. They are going to be baptized this Saturday at 7pm. Im really happy about that. The housing situation is still awesome. The only problem is we don't have a working ducha (thing that heats up the water). In fact, the ducha hasnt worked ever since i got here, so i've been taking freezing cold showers every morning for the past month. That wouldn't be too bad except for Cartago is one of the coldest places in the country and its the rainy season right now. It kinda stinks, but im getting used to it. I've also been giving English classes since I got here as well. We have classes at the church every Saturday morning at 10am.
In the district meetings we've been talking about one or two of the Christlike attributes, so we can be more like Christ. This week's Christlike attribute was charity, and we set goals to love everyone and see everyone in white. We also talked about having good communication with God, our companions, investigators, ward and mission leaders, and ward members. Our district is working hard to meet our baptismal meta of 7 this month, but its not looking to good for us. We have 3 right now. We were supposed to get one more in Paraiso this week, but Mariana's baptsim fell through becasue her mom decided she didnt want her to be baptized anymore. When I went to the house to do the interview, they hid from Elder Whitlock and I . Five minutes later we sent Elder Urbina and Elder Rivera to there house to see if they let them in and they did, because they didnt have time to hide. We showed up five munutes later. After talking awhile the mom said she could continue coming to church but couldnt be baptized yet so we respected her decision. Maybe next month. Here in Cartago we will have two more baptisms when Karen and Sebastian get baptized on Saturday. That will be 5 for the district. We will still need two more, but don't have much to work with. We want to meet the meta, but dont want to baptize people that aren't ready, or don't have a true desire to follow christ, so we'll see what happens.

The world cup is all people talk about around here right now. I hope the US passes on to the next round. Yesterday was Fathers day. At church we had 92 people, the most since i got to Cartago. The rest of the day no one wanted to listen to us, so we just walked around in the rain. The only cita we had was with Brun y Jasmine. We watched the Jose Smith movie and they loved it. They are progressing a lot more and reading, they just have to come to church. Happy Fathers day Dad! I hope you had a great day! Saludos a todos. los amo.

Elder Tobler