Mormon Missionaries Experiences!

May 3, 2010
This week it rained every day. We found an old lady sheltered near a building, soaking wet, and shivering. We covered her with our umbrellas and escorted her to her destination. On the way she started running because she wanted to get home fast. While she ran we kept up with her by walking because she cant run very fast. My comp kept telling her to stop running but she didn't listen. Moments later she fell down. I'm sure people probably thought we, the evil Mormon missionaries were pushing down old ladies in the rain, but we weren't. We tried to help her up but she just laid there in the rain for a few seconds before we were able to help her up. In the end shes fine. We got her home and she wouldn't stop thanking us for helping her. Later that day we were able to also help some people push a truck that was stuck in the mud. We got a little dirty but its alright. That night while crossing the autopista (Freway/Highway) we saw a lime green snake. I'm sure it was poisonous. It tried to attack us but the rain was like a river on the side of the road so it took the snake away from us. Then some guy used a long stick to fling the snake into the middle of the road where it was flattened by three semi trucks.

We had interviews with president Galvez this week. This time the interviews were in our apartments so we had to clean up real good last p'day. While pres. interviewed my comp, Hermana Galvez inspected our house. The most part our house was clean so we won a cake. The zl's checked our area book as well and we also passed with flying colors. They should have seen the carpeta de area (forms) we had in Heredia, that thing was perfect, and everything was filled out.

Our house key broke in half yesterday. Luckily I can get in with my Tarjeta Mayorista from Mega Super, like a plastic discount card thing. Our neighbor has a little girl with big glasses that always comes out and stares at us. She is really cute, but sometimes she freaks me out because she just stares at us and doesn't say anything. She is like a ghost girl. *Ü*

Yesterday Javier and Vivianna both made it to church with their three kids. Ariel came as well. My comp went on divisions to pick them up while I went to ward meeting. We are trying to get the Ward Mission Plan going here like we did in Heredia. It was a good day at church. One of the Vasquez brothers, Bruno, is leaving on his mission to El Salvador Oeste (west) y Belize on Wednesday every one in his family bore there testimonies. It basically took up the whole meeting because the Hno. (brother) and Hna. (sister) Vasquez have 9 kids (and one that died a few years ago so its actually 10 kids) so there were 11 testimonies born. It was a really special experience though because you could really see how important the gospel has been in there family's life. This is the 3rd Vasquez going on a mission and they have a couple preparing to leave this year.

Our investigators Jeudy and Vanessa are progressing. We had a great lesson with them about getting to the Celestial Kingdom and having an eternal family. I think they were really able to feel the spirit. Now they just have to come to church. We also had a couple great lessons with the part family Mesen, and I think that the non-members Silvio and Carolina are coming along. We taught the Vega family (Less active/part family) this week about the Restoration. The daughter Paola, non-member really understood well and we are going to teach her boyfriend as well. We are also going to start teaching RC Maria Rosa's husband Luis. We have been reading the book of Mormon to Maria Rosa because she cant read, and we are going to watch "Testamentos" (Testaments) with her and her husband.

Today we went to San Jose centro to pick up my comps package, and a doctors report to send to the states about his eyes. This week he has been more animated and we've been working hard, but his eyes have been hurting a little. He really appreciates that you guys are worried about him and it has helped him feel a little better so thank you for everything and for your prayers.

Thanks mom for the conversion story. Its really special. Its awesome that you saw the new Temple. Send me pics.
Elder Tobler