Happy Mother's Day

May 10, 2010
Hello, long time since we talked right? jk. It was really good to talk to you all yesterday. Happy Mother’s Day again mom!

Our best investigators right now are Javier and Viviane. They are scheduled to be married and baptized on the 22nd of this month. They have an 11 year old son named Alex who would be baptized as well. We also have Ariel who is reading and praying and has been to church 4 times.

We are teaching Familial Vega's daughter Paola who isn't a member, as well as her brother Byron. Byron was going to baptized a couple weeks ago but decided he needed more time. Paola is progressing really well, she is awesome. In our last visit she told us that when she prayed about El Libro de Mormon (The Book of Mormon) she felt like her heart was going to explode from the happiness she felt. She wants to be baptized but isn't sure how soon yet. She still has to go to church 3 times and pay her tithing before getting baptized. All our investigators have to do that before getting baptized, to make sure they stay strong in the Church.

We are also progressing with Jeudy and Vanessa. They are awesome and are reading, but still aren't sure yet. They haven't been to church either; Jeudy's only been to the church soccer mejengas we have. Milady Mesen's (a member) non-member husband Silvio, and his niece Carolina are progressing well also. We teach them two or three times a week with Milady and her daughters Kendry and Tairi there as well. The problem is that Silvio is afraid to come to church. Carolina has been twice.

The other two couples we've been teaching, Jerson and Lady, and Claren and Yaosca, have been progressing very slowly because they have to work so much and it’s hard to teach them regularly. Jerson believes in the Caballa, and says that because of that he knows this can be the only true church, but I don't know what to think about him and his Caballa practices. He gave us what I think is part of the Caballa, that has to do with the names of God in Hebrew and everything but it’s really confusing and doesn't make much sense, but he said has going to pray about the book of Mormon so we'll see what happens. Yaosca works in Torta de los Dioses, a bakery in Los Yoses near the mission office, so she meets a lot of missionaries, but the problem is that she and her husband Claren are always working.

We found a few new investigators like Francisco and also Yamileth. Francisco is from Limon. He believes everything we've taught him and wants to one day go to the temple. He is going to go to church next Sunday. Juriel, an investigator we had a couple months ago, is finally back from Nicaragua and says he still wants to be baptized, so we are going to work with him.

Yesterday we were expecting to have 10 investigators at church. Ariel, Luis, Paola, Byron, Javier, Vivianna, Jeudy, Vanessa, Silvio, Carolina, Juriel, and Alba. Wait, that's 12. So I guess we were expecting 12 investigators at church yesterday. My comp and I went on divisions with the Vasquez brothers Mario and Braulio. My comp hiked up to San Vicente to pick up some investigators while I went to a meeting with ward leaders to get the ward mission plan going. After the meeting we went to pick up some investigators. The ones we were going to pick up couldn't go. Even the ones we had called the night before, and had promised us they would go, didn't end up going. My comp also showed up to church with no investigators, but with a menos activo family. The only investigator that showed up was Carolina, who came with her aunt and cousins (basically her mom and sisters), but Silvio didn't show up with them. When sacrament started I sent my comp with Braulio to go pick up Silvio and drag him to church while I waited to see if anyone showed up late. They came back at the end of Sacrament Meeting empty handed. It was a really disappointing day, but I guess I should be used to it by now. In the end I’m happy Carolina showed up.

I think the cafetal between El Monte and Calle Mesen is cursed against us Last week we were attacked by a pack of dogs in the cafetal, and yesterday we were stoned by an army of demon children. They jumped out of the trees while we were passing through and started throwing rocks and sticks at us and calling all sorts of names. We scared and chased them away a couple times but they just kept coming back and following us and yelling at us. It was kind of funny and wasn't that big of a deal because they were just kids and they couldn't hurt us. But it was also sad to see so much hatred, and hear such foul language and threats from kids, and mostly because we don't drink coffee. While walking back through the cafetal we found the kids again and this time calmed them down and tried to teach them to behave.

Last night we had 'Noche de Hogar' (Family Home Evening) with Esteban, Magalis, their mothers, and Milagros. We also had a Noche de Hogar with the menos activos (less active) Johan, Andrey and Flori. Hna Flori made us pancakes with syrup. Mmmmmmm, they were so good.

It was awesome being able to talk to all of you last night, thanks for everything. Shalom.