We had to climb the "Stairs of Doom"

April 19, 2010
This week we had a lot of lessons. We had some really good ones as well. The Vasquez brothers Braulio, Mario, and Bruno accompanied us to a lot of appointments this week. We've also been teaching some part member families as well. On Monday we taught Milady's (A woman that recently moved into the ward with her two daughters) husband Silvio and his niece Carolina who aren't members. We also taught them on Thursday. They seem pretty good. When I went on divisions with Elder Flores this week we also found another part member / inactive family. Sinia and Edwin are members and so is their daughter Blanca Rosa and son Rueben, but they have six other sons and daughters living with them that aren't members. We started teaching two of them, Jorge and Bryan, and they agreed to come to church with us.

We've also been trying to find more families to teach. One of the guys we've been playing soccer with, Jeudy, has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and says he feels really good and is really interested. We taught him and his wife Vanessa, and his mom on Thursday while on divisions with Braulio, and it was a really good lesson. Jeudy and Vanessa have two cute little girls, and they would make a great eternal family so I'm pretty excited about teaching them again, which we are going to do tonight.

We've dropped a lot of our investigators that haven't been progressing. Investigators that have been progressing are Javier and Vivianna. They came to General Conference a couple weeks ago, and yesterday Vivianna came to church and she really liked it. Javier couldn't come because he had to work, but he's going to try to get next Sunday off so he can come to church with Vivianna. They have two little boys (11 and 7) and a baby girl and would make a great eternal family as well. Vivianna already knows its true, but Javier has been progressing a little slower and its hard to teach him as much as we would like because he works a lot, they live high up in San Vicente, and they don't have a phone. Javier is a really good guy though and he wants the best for his family. He used to be an alcoholic and a drug addict but he left it all for his family, and we've been teaching him the importance of the gospel for his family and he's been understanding a lot better. We've also continued to teach Ariel and he's come to understand that he has a purpose in life and more of who he really is and what he can become. He's also been praying more and has felt really good. He also came with us to church yesterday. We are also going to continue teaching his mom Crystal who has already read 1Nefi (1 Nephi) in the Libro de Mormon (Book of Mormon).

We were in San Vicente a lot this week. We had to climb the "cuesta de la muerte" the "stairs of doom" *Ü* every day this week. We've been teaching some recien conversos/menos activos (new converts/less actives) like Dunia, Ivannia and Marcos, Patricia, Diana, etc. as well as a Colombian member's 9 year old son Nicolas. His mom wants us to teach him before he gets baptized. His mom Myriam is like every good Colombian, and gives us a lot of food every time we come over. This week we moved more dirt, this time at our cocineras (cooks) house. We did it during lunch. Familia Fonseca (our cocinera) are remodeling a part of their house downstairs so they can rent out a room, and we are thinking of renting it but still don't know.

This sunday we went on divisions to pick up investigators. I went with Braulio to San Vicente to pick up Jorge and Bryan, Carlos Soto, Renata, and Vivianna. In the end not all of them went (no surprises), but Renata and her sister, and Vivianna and her son Jonathan and her baby girl went with us. We took the bus with them and other members like Ivannia and Patricia. Today we played basketball.

Mom one of those shoes was burned and the other wasn't. I gave the other pair of shoes (one burnt and one not) to Itza and Gladys and Family. Dad, the sister missionaries are in our district. We have district meetings every Tuesday morning. We have zone conference every change, but we meet together as a zone, more often. Tomorrow our district meeting will be at the church in Los Yoses where the rest of the districts in the zone meet as well. I sent the pics last week on a disk.

FINALLY you gave them the proper retirement! *Ü*