This week was pretty good.

April 12, 2010
We found some more investigators and menos activos (less active). We went to the 'pulperia' (little grocery store) of a menos activo family that have been inactive for a while. The father has been coming to church lately, but he always comes alone and seems lonely. When we entered the pulp, the 22 year old son that I'd never met or seen before was working there and we started talking to him. After talking a while we could tell he wanted to start coming back to church. We invited him to come with us on Sunday and he agreed. Later his sister and his younger brother came into the pulp, and after talking with them they all agreed to start coming back. The 22 year old guy, Jose Luis has a pregnant girlfriend, that will have the baby any day now. She isn't a member so, the other night we shared our message with Jose Luis, his girlfriend Jazeline, and his younger brother Byron, who isn't baptized. On Sunday, Jose Luis and Byron accompanied their father to church and their dad seemed really happy to have family with him at church. We are teaching them again tonight.

Sunday at church was really good this week. Not only did Jose Luis's family come, but we also got two other menos activo families to come as well. We were expecting a lot of investigators to come but the only investigator from our area that made it was Byron. We had gone to pick up some jovenes from El Pilar and climbed all the way up to San Vicente to pick up Javier and Vivianna (we have to walk along the pista, climb up some really steep hills, and climb a never ending stairway up into the mountains to get to their house) but in the end they couldn't come. We did however get Domasa to come. Domasa is Hna Chavez's sister who isn't a member. We have been doing service for her (moving a bunch of dirt) for a few weeks now, and when she invited us to lunch this week we shared a little bit with her and invited her to church. She came to church with us, and surprised her sister and a few of her nieces. She lives in the Sister missionaries area, so she is going to be their investigator, but I think she's really promising.
We've been playing soccer at the church every week, and big group of nonmembers from the neighborhood El Pilar (it's just one street, but the people there are all like family, its cool.). Yesterday we taught a group of the people there about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. It was a really good lesson. Two of the people that seemed most interested are a man named Jeudy and a joven (young men) named Bryan. We have more citas (appointments) to teach other people in that neighborhood this week.

Today we went to changes. Saw some old friends. Elder Buckner gone. Elder Mitton new zl. cool. thanks for the emails. until next week. bye.
Elder Tobler