She had received her answer!

February 8, 2010
We were blessed to have another baptism this past weekend. On Thursday we went to visit Ada Luz with Elder Lee (AP) and Elder Williams (ZL). While there, we challenged her to be baptized. She has been saying that she knows the church is true for a few weeks now, but every time we invited her to be baptized she told us not yet. We always ask her, "Que le impide?" (What's holding you back?), but she never tells us. So on Thursday, I wasn't too surprised when she continued to tell us she didn't want to be baptized yet. Then we asked her, "Seguira el ejemplo de Jesucristo, y se bautizara este Sabado? (Will follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized this Saturday?)". She looked at us as though we were crazy, so we asked her if after we left, she would pray to our Heavenly Father and ask him specifically if she should get baptized this Saturday. She agreed and we left. A couple hours later, she called us and told us that she had received her answer. She told us that she would get baptized on Saturday. *Ü*

The baptism Saturday was really nice. I invited a lot of members the night before and a lot of them came. We were also able to get the word out because the ward secretary, Hermano Casas (Colombian), works for a company that sends recorded messages over the phone, to a lot of people at the same time. So he recorded an invitation to the baptism and sent it to like 40 people. The next time I get to record my voice doing the invitation and he'll send it. It's pretty sweet. Anyway the baptism was very nice. Abraham always conducts and this time his girlfriend Fabiola gave the talk about baptism, and Marcelo gave an awesome talk on the Holy Ghost. I was able to baptize Ada Luz, and even though Ada Luz thought the water was cold, she said it felt good. Ada Luz's daughter Jesenia seemed really happy to see her mom finally baptized. Ada Luz's whole family in Nicaragua are members, so they were pretty excited to hear the news as well.

Natalia and Daniela are still awesome. Natalia doesn't know if she should wait until March to be baptized so her boyfriend can come and do it, or if she should get baptized sooner. She hasn't smoked in over a week now. This week Natalia agreed to pray and ask God if she should be baptized this month.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day at church. An investigator named Guillermo came with us to church. Guillermo is Hna Aday's son. He really liked church. We had another great lesson in the investigator class. Abraham really has a gift for teaching. Hermana Patricia and her family are back from Nicaragua as well. Also, Jose Ray is coming back to church, because he doesn't work on Sunday's anymore. And of course Ada Luz was confirmed in Sacrament Meeting.

Yesterday, was also election day here in Costa Rica. The current President is Oscar Arias. There were four main candidates running for President. They are Laura Chinchilla, Otto Guevara, Otton Solis & Fishman. Yesterday, there were people running all over the place with their political party's flag and screaming and honking like crazy. I think Laura Chinchilla won. I knew she was going to win but I don't know what any of the candidates stand for, so I don't know if its a good thing or not. Until a couple days ago, I thought the Otto and Otton were the same guy. Fishman (I don't know his first name) had basically no chance. When I first saw his advertisement on a billboard walking and it says "Caminemos Seguros (Let's Walk Securely)" I thought it was an advertisement for old mens diapers *Ü* Towards the end of the campaign Fishman came out with a new slogan, because a lot of people were saying it didn't matter who they voted for because all the candidates were going to mess up the country. So Fishman said since all politicians suck, Vote for Fishman: El Menos Malo (The Least Sucky). It's pretty funny, but he still didn't win. *Ü*

Love, Elder Tobler


I You

is the only force
that can erase
the differences between people"

"El amor...
es la única fuerza
que puede borrar
las discrepancias entre las personas"
Gordon B. Hinckley