The best member turn out I've had at a baptism!

February 2, 2010
On Saturday we had the Wedding-Baptism of Eric, Daisy, and Erica. It was awesome. The wedding of Eric and Daisy was first and although it was pretty simple, it was awesome and they were happy to finally be married. Then we had the baptism which was also a great experience. I baptized Daisy and then my companion, Elder Benedit baptized Erica. The water was kind of cold so when Erica came out of the water she basically screamed. It was pretty funny because Elder Benedit was worried he had killed her or something. The baptism was very spiritual and a great experience. A lot of Eric and Daisy's family members came and they seemed really happy and enjoyed the experience as well. There were also a lot of members that came as well. The Relief Society prepared some 'Arroz con Pollo' and some cake that we ate after the baptism. I think its the best member turnout I've had at a baptism, at least since my first baptism, Vera, which was also a Wedding-Baptism.

In disappointing news, when I called Alejandro and Sandra, for an appointment, they said they have their own church and we don't need to pass by anymore. I was really surprised when Alejandro told me that, because they had seemed so sincere to find the truth and had felt the spirit strongly. I explained that we need to be in Christs church, not our own, and if that means making a change, we need to do it, especially when the spirit has testified so strongly, like it had to them. He didn't care, and after hanging up i felt very sad, and confused. I guess i should be used to it by now, but its still sad and unbelievable that people can reject the truth, when they have it right in front of them.

Also Daniel, the 16 year old we were teaching has disappeared on us and told Eric that he doesn't want to listen to us right now. It sucks because he was progressing and it seemed like he told us he was happier, going to church and listening to us, and he told us he wanted to be baptized and that he got a long better with his family since we started teaching him. But last week he had some problems with some friends that wanted to beat him up and he stole his Grandpas whiskey and went off. He has problems at home as well. His mom died a few years ago, and he is rebellious at home. Maybe in a little while we can continue teaching him.

Also our investigator Natali, who seemed really good, told us to call her in 15 days, which sometimes means the person wants us to forget about them, but we'll see.

Ada Luz is still progressing, but although she says she knows its true, she doesn't want to be baptized and we can't find out the reason why. She won't tell us. She just says that when she decides to be baptized it is going to surprise us. "If you want to surprise us, get baptized this weekend", I always think.

Natalia and Daniela are still awesome. We basically think of Natalia as a member already. She came to the baptism and really enjoyed it. She always feels the spirit. Daniela is harder to read, but she is reading and likes going to church.

Norberto still needs to get divorced from some lady who has disappeared from the planet, and who he didn't even agree to marry. If they can find this lady or get a judge to declare them divorced, he can marry Jessica and they can be baptized. They go to church regularly and Jessica is very active in the Relief Society. Jimmy is also waiting for his "wife", Aracely to get divorced and marry him so he can be baptized. They seem to be progressing on that, but its always hard because of money.

This past week was crazy. We woke up before 6 am almost every day. We went to interviews con President in Alajuela one day. We went to San Jose to pick up Elder Benedits residency, and while my comp picked it up with other Elders, I went to Tres Rios with Elder Clark, to give a blessing to an Hna. missionary who was sick. We went to Eric and Daisy's house at 5 am one day, and they live deep in la Cuenca of La Milpa. We also went to San Jose to pick up their Estado Civil one day as well. It was amazing that everything turned out well in preparation for the Wedding-Baptism, and all the work and stress was worth it. Eric, Daisy, and Erica were very happy, and now their goal is to be sealed in the Temple.
I hope everyone is doing great.