...You still have the best years ahead of you so make them unforgettable.

November 16, 2009

On Saturday Joan was baptized. Only a few people showed up, mainly his parents Jessica and Norberto, his sister Genesis, a member friend Hna. Esperanza, and the Lider Misional Abraham. It was a cool baptism. Elder Perez baptized him and even though the water was cold, Joan seemed excited to be baptized. Yesterday at church I was able to confirm him a member of the church and now he has the Holy Ghost to guide him in his new life.

This last week we put two more baptismal fechas. We put a fecha for Daniela (16 year old girl we found while knocking doors) and David (a 15 year old guy who moved here from Cali, Colombia about 10 months ago). They are both awesome. Both accepted the compromiso (commitment) to be baptized really easily. They both had fechas (dates) set for this Saturday, November 21st, but we´re going to have to move Daniela´s fecha back a week because yesterday morning when we went with David and Juan Carlos to pick Daniela up to take her to church she wasn't there. We had told her we were going to come pick her up but for some reason she wasn't there. We have a cita with her tonight, so we´ll keep preparing her for her baptism.

After going to pick up Daniela yesterday, we also went to pick up Jeniffer, but she wasn't there either. At the end we just went with David, but other investigators that showed up were Jimmy (who always comes) and his brothers Melvin and Michael. Joan´s parents Jessica (who always comes) and Norberto came as well and obviously saw Joan´s confirmation. Carmen (mother of Recent converts Bryan and Rey) came also, and was able to see her son Bryan bless the sacrament for the first time. It was a good day at church and i think David and the other investigators liked it and made friends.

The rest of yesterday Juan Carlos and David accompanied us to all of our appointments. At night we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Hna Itza's and Hna Patricia's families combined. (Hna Itza is Hna Gladys's daughter and Juan Carlos is Hna Itza´s son). Hna Itza has two other sons, one is like 18 and is never home, and the other is named Daniel and is 5 years old. We call him pantalones, because he always runs around without pants.*Ü* When I got here he had long hair, but bit by bit they´ve been chopping away his hair. I think his mom has a hard time letting go of his hair because it took awhile to grow, Anyway he is always like, "Elder Tober, quieres jugar con migo?, Mira me Elder Tober. Elder Tober, Elder Tober!" , Hna Patricia has three kids. She has two daughter and a 2 year old son. we watched The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd I hope every ones good. peace.

P.S. Happy Birthday S........! I hope you had the best birthday ever! It sounds like for the most part you had a pretty sweet birthday. I wish i could have been there to party with you guys but it was probably better without me. You still have the best years ahead of you so make them unforgettable. Keep being a good example for me and our younger sisters and make sure you save me a doughnut, or a piece of your birthday cake. Jk. peace.