keep working and rely on the Lord!

November 09, 2009

This week we found a couple of pretty good investigators. Daniela, she is around 16years old, we found her while knocking doors. After teaching her the first time, we asked when we could come back and she asked us to come the next day. When we came back the next day she said she had prayed and knows it’s the truth. She asked us when she could come to church. We set everything up so that we would pick her up with some members her age but she ended up not being able to come yesterday. She says she will come next Sunday and we have an appointment with her tonight. We also found a guy named Kevin and he actually asked us for a Book of Mormon so he seems good. We received a few references from the members this week. Juan Carlos ((Hna. Gladys’s grandson) Colombian) who is preparing for his mission, gave us a reference named Jenifer, and when we taught her she said she knew it was the truth. She was also supposed to come to church yesterday, but when Juan Carlos went to pick her up she wasn’t there.

This week we also have a baptism set up for a 10 year old named Joan. His family should be baptized by now except for the father has to divorce his first 'wife' so he can marry Joan’s mom.*Ü*He’s a really smart kid and he’s excited to be baptized.

It’s a lot different here than in Cariari. Sacrament meeting's assistance is about 160 people. There is a better organization and hopefully more help for us. In January we are going to start going to Belen for sacrament meeting (Right next to the Temple) because they are going to remodel and expand our church building here. My Mission President told me in our last interview that this area is very important because they want to make a stake here in Heredia. So I have some pressure on me but we´re just going to keep working and rely on the Lord to help us.

Today we went to Volcan (Volcano) Poas. It was too cloudy so we couldn’t see a thing. I’ll send you pics later. We also played soccer. There is passion fruit juice here, but not as common as I would like. I’ve had the actual passion fruit but its not as good because it has a bunch of seeds.
Peace...Stay humble, but take over the world. *Ü*
Elder Tobler