Sad to leave Cariari...

October 26, 2009

I had changes today. I am now in Heredia which is just north of San Jose. My comp is Elder Perez from Honduras. He has four months on the mission. I am his potty trainer (second comp). All three of the other elders in my district are 'Cotrachos', in other words they are from Honduras.

I am really sad that I had to leave Cariari. I wanted to stay there one more change. We had a lot of people really close to baptism. We had awesome investigators like Haydeé, Dalia, Danny, Oljer, Jessica, Mindy, etc... Mileidy and Miguel had decided to get married and baptized as well. We were also helping out a lot of menos activos. Hna Molina started coming back to Church was even doing her visiting teaching. Shirley was reading the scriptures every day and became a really good friend of ours. Wilson and Sabata, who had been having some family problems, changed their attitude and started coming back to church as well. Elder Valerio is my favorite comp that I’ve had, easy to work with, not too controlling, fun to be with, and a good missionary. We were really working well together and had found a lot of new really good investigators like Marcella, Matilde, and Bernardo y Roxibel. We had also started teaching Juan Carlos’s sister Alejandra, and Shirley's’ mom Elba and her brother Edwin. Cariari was a really great area. I learned so much there. Although I’m sad about having to leave, I was expecting it because 6 months is a long time in one area. I’m sure Heredia will be good too.

I tried to avoid saying bye to people before I left because it’s really awkward. I did say goodbye to a few of the people I felt closest to and a few of the goodbyes were, just like I feared, awkward and sad. (...Many relatonships that you will develop in the mission field will last your entire life. Not only your companions but those to whom you teach the gospel will be close to you and they will be an influence of help and strength to you throughout your entire life!)
By the way Juan Carlos, who is 24, is getting married in a couple weeks to his 17 year old girlfriend. I’m kinda worried about the age difference but at least he won’t be doing it unmarried anymore, and maybe he can get baptized. And hey, he’ll be married, which isn’t common in this country. Anyway, yesterday I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting at the last second and i talked about the Atonement (Expiacion). Today we played soccer with our zone. Elder Hernandez, my previous comp, and Elder Belmont, the one who was in LaRita in my district in Cariari, are both in my zone, Zona Alajuela.

I hope everyone is good. Got to go. bye.

Elder Tobler

"All that is necessary
for the triumph of evil
is that good men
do nothing."

~Edmund Burke