Pray to receive personal revelation (Always!)

October 19, 2009

Hi, this week we’ve been knocking a lot of doors trying to find “los escojidos” (the chosen ones) We've found a few new good investigators. We’ve been knocking on streets around members trying a new strategy. This week we had zone conference with Elder Don R. Clark of the Seventy, the President of the Area Central America. It was a really great conference and I learned a lot. We made some goals for ourselves and some things I chose to mejorar (do better) were: Tener Fe Excepcional para lograr milagros, Encontrar Los Escojidos, Conocer todos los Recien Conversos y Menos Activos, Orar para recibir Revalacion Personal, (Siempre) ...have Faith to receive miracles, find the Chosen ones, get to know better new converts and less actives, Pray to receive personal revelation (Always!)

Our investigators Milady and Miguel agreed to be married and baptized so that’s pretty cool. *Ü* We are going to confirm the fecha (date) tonight but we already have the lawyer ready and everything so it just depends when they want their marriage/baptism to take place. We also had Stake conference this week (yesterday). I had to sit way in the very back corner of the gym kind of on the stage, but it was a good conference.

About Shirley, we dropped by to "make sure Shirley was reading the scriptures everyday like she agreed" and we managed to kind of see her husband, but weren’t able to talk to him because Shirley quickly told us that sorry, but they were really busy. She was smiling, but looked really nervous and I hope we didn’t do her any damage. I don’t know if she was nervous that we saw him or that he saw us. We were hoping to be able to talk with him but we couldn’t. My companion saw him better than i did, and said he gave him kind of a dirty look. Lately people around here have told us about all the lies they have heard about Mormons. Its ridiculous all the stuff people believe. Many of the people we’ve taught have realized that after learning more about the church all the bad things people have told them and continue to tell them aren’t true. Mormons Myths and Reality

As you know my comp is Chilean. In Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay they drink a type of herbal drink called “Mate” (ma-tay). My comp always drinks it. I always joke with him and tell him that it looks like he’s drinking weed. What you do is put some kind of herb in a cup and then put hot water in it as well. Then you drink the herb flavored water through a special metal straw called a “bombilla” that has a filter in it. I guess its a social thing they do way down south. Everyone sits in a circle, talking and passing around the cup of mate. I’ve participated in a mate social circle a few times now. In between the sessions of General Conference we passed around the mate awhile with the ZL´s (one of them, Elder Rojas, is Chilean as well. I don’t really love mate. It’s bitter, especially if you drink it without sugar, like my comp. Mate isn’t that bad, but its not that good either. But it is kinda fun being part of a mate social circle. Anyway my companion right now is pretty cool. He’s really proud of his country. He is really chill and easy to get along with. Too bad changes are next Monday and I might be out of here.

I hope everyone is well. Thanks for the emails and letters. I still haven’t responded to a lot of letters. I’m terrible but ill get to it. Oh, and I got ‘abuelitas’ package. Gracias abuelita. Me gusta la corbata. Peace everyone.