New Companion...!

September 14, 2009

Sorry I didn’t have time to write last week. Last week p’day was changed to Wednesday and we went to the Temple. This week changes, which are usually on Thursday, was changed to Monday which is today. Friday night they told us that Elder Hernandez was leaving and I was going to stay in Cariari.

Elder Hernandez was really sad to go because he was here for 5 1/2 months and we have some good investigators right now. One of our best investigators right now is a woman named Aidé and her 3 kids. Aidé works at the ‘Cariari’ bus terminal (in the ticket booth) and we started teaching her 2 weeks ago. She and her kids are very smart and understand everything we teach better than probably anyone I’ve taught before. They understand so well that they are already asking us questions that most people don’t ask until after they’ve been members a few years. Sometimes we have to slow them down so they don’t jump ahead. Not only are they smart but Aidé really seems to want to know the truth and wants to learn.

Anyway today I received my new comp. His name is Elder Valerio and he is from Chile. Elder Hernandez was sent to Tropicana in Zona Alajuela. Today I saw a lot of Elders I haven’t seen in awhile. Elder Kamiya was with Elder Tagliaferi for a change. Elder Kamiya is dying (finishing his mission) in six weeks. This is his last change. Our zone is back to its original size. Now the two zones that combined last change split up again. Our ZL´s are Elder Carr and Elder Rojas. Elder Buckner and Elder Belmont are still in my district.

Just remember mom that I can only fit so much in my suitcases, so if you keep sending me stuff I will have to leave some of it behind when I change areas. sorry! = {
Don’t worry about me; I have money and food now. I hope everyones doing well. Thank you! and have a good week.