Mountain bike...???

August 31, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY --- ----------!
I hope you had an unbelievably remarkable, extraordinarily inconceivable..... Well, I hope you had a happy birthday yesterday. You're now 17 years old. I think that’s probably one of the best ages to be. Enjoy it and take advantage of it. Do everything you want to do (as long as it’s not bad of course). Make and accomplish goals. Try to learn a lot, in school, the scriptures, the guitar or whatever you're interested in. Anyway, how was your day of birth? Did you guys eat cake? I ate cake for you on Saturday night at a branch activity we had here. What did you get for your birthday? Send me pics. Peace. luv,
your big fat bro,

...Nothing interesting to tell. trying to find new investigators. Doesn’t look like Max will be baptized for awhile. We were supposed to go to the Temple this Wednesday but it’s closed. We have to start working earlier today because p’day was going to be Wednesday (Temple trip) so we made appointments for today and now today is p’day again so our p’day will be cut short. We’ve have been out of money all week because of some unforeseen events that took place this month. (were you robbed? ...lost your money? ...washed your pants with the money inside...???) It wasn’t hard because we’re used to not eating and sometimes members or investigators fed us. Some days we just lived off the starbursts you sent me.

This week we made the bike trip a couple times. We've shortened the trip because we take a bus out to ‘Astua’, walk for awhile, then stop and borrow one bike from a member, then my comp and I ride on the one bike until we get to another members house and pick up another bike and get to our destination. Then after the appointment we ride back, drop off one of the bikes, and ride back and drop off the other bike, walk, and then take the bus back to ‘Cariari’. When my comp and I are on the same bike one of us is riding on the bar (which is really uncomfortable and even painful on rocky hills, but everyone here does it) and the other pedaling. We take turns, and hopefully I’m going to get strong legs from this.

One time the other day while i was on bar and my comp was driving we crashed. My comp drove off the road because I guess he has a hard time seeing over my fat head. Before I could warn him we were on the ground. I got a couple scrapes, nothing serious, but my comp didn’t feel a thing cause he landed on top of me. = {

Anyway, other than that we just had a branch activity this week. It was an activity for mothers’ day, better late than never the men in the branch say to their wives. It was fun, a lot of food, and some cake. Other then that nothing new or interesting.

Yesterday, it was a good sacrament meeting; There was a talk about the priesthood…and I though about you: “The Priesthood is the power and authority of GOD. Our Heavenly Father shares his Priesthood power with worthy male members of the Church. The priesthood enables them to ACT in Gods name for the salvation of the human family, through it they can be authorized to preach the gospel, administer the ordinances of salvation, and govern God’s kingdom on earth” see….You are NOT a fool! I LOVE you! M♡M