Timoteo was finally baptized after two weeks of unplanned delays.

November 15, 2010

This week we finally had Timoteo's baptism. It was a really great service. Many members went, mostly the Gonzalez family (which make up half the branch), but Didier and Julian gave good talks, my companion baptized Timoteo, and we shared the memories of our own baptisms while they were changing. Our investigator Mainor came to the baptism with his two daughters, and he really liked it. Timoteo shared a great testimony at the end of it all. It’s awesome that Timoteo was finally baptized after two weeks of unplanned delays.

On Monday we finally arrived in Rio Claro after being absent for almost a week. The Elders in Perez Zeledon and Hnas. In San Isidro had been trapped in the city of San Isidro de Perez Zeledon for a few days because of the floods and landslides, and they didn’t have water for a couple days, but now they are basically back to normal, just in need of a few new roads. After going to Internet we went to Merly and Yasini`s house for dinner.

On Tuesday morning we took the early bus to Jimenez. We got off the bus a few km before Jimenez at the parada de Ñeque, so we could visit Jesus. Jesus is the boyfriend of a strong member in Puerto Jimenez, Hna. Nieves. We started teaching him last week, but he already has a baptismal goal for this month. Jesus lives deep in the middle of nowhere, and he has a finca (Farm). After getting off the bus, we were supposed to get a ride in a little blue car, that supposedly always passes at that time, and takes people 8km in until El Tigre (the town just passed Jesus’ house, named after the River that passes nearby) for mil colones each. The little blue car, or " el Carrito Azul", never passed by, so we had to "Pedir Ride" or hitchhike, to get to Jesus s finca. Luckily the owner of a hotel near El Tigre, "El Chocuaco", took us in his car all the way to our destination, even though it was passed his hotel, and he didn’t charge us either. We taught Jesus about the word of wisdom, and the Sabbath Day, and he committed to keeping these commandments. He gave us his coffee and we through it out. After the lesson we ate lunch that Hna. Nieves had prepared and explored a little bit. In his finca he has platanos, sugar cane, African palm, pigs, chickens, etc. Afterwards we left with Hna. Nieves, this time in the little blue car, to the main road, and then took a bus to Jimenez. We took a little bit of P'day (preparation day / day off), because there was nothing to do, and we had canceled p'day in the zone this week (we suggested it to the zone, since we had lost the whole week before trapped in san José). Then we went to some citas (appointments) and ended by eating dinner at Ronald and Lilibeths house.

On Wednesday (which was our p'day this week /changes) we decided to work instead. We visited some inactives, knocked doors, and did service (washed dishes and swept) at Daniela and Elizabeth’s house. We finished the night off by teaching Timoteo about the Aaronic Priesthood he was going to receive after his Baptism. Julian and Krissia accompanied us to teach Timoteo.

On Thursday we had district meeting and started 3 way divisions. I went to Golfito with Elder Oseguera, Elder Fotheringham went to Ciudad Neily with Elder Amador, and Elder Perez went to Rio Claro with my comp Elder Galarza. While I was in Golfito, we put 3 baptismal goals. We put a baptismal goal with Golfitos cocinera (cook), Xiomara, for the 27th of this month. We also visited the couple Ezekiel and Yorleni, who are going to get married and baptized on the 24th, and we put a baptismal date with Yorlenis mother Virginia for the same day. Virginia has an amputated leg, and has difficulty getting to church in her old wheelchair, so we talked to President Galvez and they are going to get her a new wheelchair, through the wheelchair program the church has. Afterwards, we went to Felix and Margaritas house. They also are set to be married and baptized on the 24th, but their 9-year-old granddaughter Dianara, who lives with them, she had some doubts about if she should be baptized. But after talking with her and showing her a picture of Jesus being baptized, she decided to be baptized as well, on the 24th. We finished divisions off by visiting our RC (Recent Convert) Stephanie (who lives on the limits of our areas) and watched "Between Heaven and Earth" Temple movie with her, and taught her about Temple and vicarious work. She is really awesome.

The next day we went to Rio Claro early to eat breakfast, while Elder Fotheringham and Galarza went for Timoteo's baptism interview. Then we ended divisions. The 3 way divisions were a huge success, because Elder Fotheringham, was also able to put a baptismal goal in Ciudad Neily, and my comp had success in our area. We are going to do these type of divisions every week. That afternoon we visited some less active members, like Hernan Medrano. Hernan is an older man, and he was desanimado (discourage) with the branch, so he said that he had done all the work he needed to in the church, and he was done serving in the church. I talk to him, and he changed his attitude. We told him about the progress the Rama was making, and that everyone threw in the towel, then no branch in the whole world would ever progress. We made him understand that even with his health problems, he could still do so much in the church. At the end of the lesson, he admitted that we were right, and he committed to keep coming to church, and he has been pretty firm ever since.

That night we had Timoteo's baptism, and had a reunion with Pte. Cruz, who is really excited with Timoteo, and is actually already thinking of him as a counselor in the branch.

Saturday morning we had English and Guitar classes. Afterward we taught my English student Walter about the purpose of life. Although he is a joven that thinks he knows everything, we taught a very clear lesson, and hopefully he meditates it and prays about it. That afternoon we visited Hna. Rosa, who is the mother of all the Gonzalez brothers and sisters. She has 11 children and I know 10 of them. There is Didier, Merly, Marbei (Coca), Saida, Juani, Jonathan, and Jeffrey who live here in Rio Claro. There is Xenia and Karen who live in Cariari. Maira lives in Puerto Jimenez, and the one I don’t know lives in San Vito. Not all are active, but it’s a big family. Only until know do I know who is a Gonzalez and who isn’t. Rosa told us a lot about the history of the family, and its sad that almost all of her children married non members because there aren’t much options here, and probably most of them are now divorced because the husbands didn’t want anything with the church.

That night we had Noche de Hermanamiento. (Fellowship Night) All of the activities we've had so far have been a success, with great attendance, about 20 to 30, but this time only a few people came. The idea was that it would be a simple activity, where everyone would come with a game or something to do, and we would just have a good time, but not many came. It was still really fun anyway. Those who came were Merly, Yasini, Rosed, Felssy, Felssys little sister, and Stephanie (all woman, except for us, kinda weird, but oh well). We played the games "Stop" and "Do you love your neighbor". It was really fun, many people missed out.

On Sunday we had a great day. Our investigators Mainor and his daughter Yuli came, and a young man named Esteban that lives with Didier and Timoteo came as well. After church we did the weekly ajuste de diezmos (Tithing Settlement) and then visited some members. We visited Marbei and her daughter Natacha and Rosed, and taught them about Alma 50 and left them a picture I drew while we told the story. They wanted me to sign it. Later we went to Mainor and his wife Oli, and Yasini accompanied us there. We had a great lesson about The Restoration, and they are super good investigators. We then visited the Hna. Martha, who I met in Cariari and have started coming back to church after being inactive for a while, we taught her and her ex husband Eliezer and son Carlos. Then ate dinner at Merly and yasini. The end.

Feliz Cumpleaños S! I hope you had the bestest birthday in the whole wide universe! Did you save me any cake? I'll be home in about a month, so i think the cake will still be good
by then, maybe.

Elder Tobler