I'm out of time

July 12, 2010
Sorry I can't write much because I'm out of time. My new companion is Elder Montoya. He is from Mexico City, Mexico. He has 1 month on the mission, and 1 week in the country. Its been an interesting week. After changes i was comps with Elder Taylor (from Porvenir/ Gravilias in Desamparados) for two days while we waited to receive our new comps. I received my new companion on Wednesday morning. We've been knocking lots and lots of doors and i finally understood why everyone thinks Cartago is hard. We had the usual, but more usual than usual. We got a lot of responses like "No!", "No, I'm catholic.", "No, no, no, no, no.", and "Slam!". We also got the sometimes even more annoying responses like, "I'm really busy right now." "If it were any other day, i would be happy to attend you, but i cant today.", and "Maybe another day, If God permits". My comp thinks it's really funny how I respond to people, and that's really how we get through a day where no one listens to us. We try to have fun, but its been kinda discouraging, especially since my companion is really new, and i don't want him to get discouraged as well. Its really annoying (but i guess i should be used to it by now) when after people say that we can come by another day and we ask them when, and try to put a cita with them, they say "I don't know when, just another day." "What do you mean you don't know when?" "Well, its just, we might leave." "Well yeah, that's why we put a cita. So you don't leave." Yeah. There are some really interesting people in this world.

This Sunday Brun and Jasmine came to church alone. We visited them last night, and they are awesome. They are reading the Book of Mormon and you can tell that they get excited every time they learn or understand a new principle of the gospel. They will get baptized soon i think.

Paraiso has 8 baptisms this Saturday, so i have 8 baptismal interviews to do this week. Its crazy because a couple weeks ago they didn't have any investigators and out of nowhere they found an awesome family and now they're going to get baptized. They've been finding loads of awesome investigators.

In other news Ariel, from Tres Rios (the young man who had Buddhist influences) got baptized a couple weeks ago! Yay!

Anyway, ill finish telling you more next week.

Elder Tobler