P-day again! ☺

January 4, 2009

Hi, its P-day again. Guess what. My comp has emergency changes. He is going to Belen, where the Temple is. Elder Lanza from the other area in our district (Flores) has emergency changes as well. He is going to LaRita in Limon. I don't know why all of a sudden but they told us a couple days ago. What's even wierder is that they are going to put me and Elder Hanson (the Elder who remains in Flores) together as comps and we will have to work in both our areas (3 wards) for the rest of the change (2 weeks). Its going to be crazy because we have two apartments, two cocineras, and we have to work in both areas and try to even it out, coordinate citas, not to mention the money problems we'll have. What a headache. But it should be fun. Anyway we have to go to San Jose today to drop off my comp at the office at 3. I think we're going to take the train again.

As you know Patricia and her family are in Nicaragua, because her daughter that lives there had a baby boy. It was born on Christmas and they named him Anthony. What a great name. Anyway we always have Noches de Hogar (Family Home Evening) on Sunday nights with Hna Itz'a Family and Hna Patricia's Family and sometimes Daniela, Lucrecia, David, etc.. Last Sunday we had Noche de Hogar at Pablo's house. Patricia, Arellys, Cecilene, Aaron, Itza, Carlos, Juan Carlos, Daniel, Gladys, Daniela, Lucrecia, Pablo, y Eric estaban alli. Enseñamos sobre como el fundamento de nuestros familias debe ser Cristo Helaman 5:12 y la manera de hacerlo asi es orando, leyendo las escrituras, y llendo a la Iglesia como manera personal y en familias. Al final tratamos de hacer el juego donde se adivina donde alguien tocó la escoba *Ü* were there. We taught about how the foundation of our families should be build upon Jesus Christ and the way to do it is by praying, reading the scriptures and going to Church, at the end we tried the game to guess where somebody touch the broom...but even though we practiced, my comp screwed it up, so it didn't work out very well. But at the end it was a fun NdH (FHE) and we ate treats too.

Yesterday, we had a NdH with Hna Itza and Hno Restrepo, and Hna Glady's, and Daniel. We read Alma 37:38-45 and talked about how our Liahona today are the scriptures. We also talked about how the Book of Mormon is important because it supports the bible and clarifies doctrine. We used the example of two pieces of paper. One being the true gospel and doctrine of Jesus Christ and the other man's understanding or beliefs of that doctrine. With just one pin (The Bible) placed on the top left corner connecting the two pieces of paper, the top piece (man's beliefs) can be twisted and turned and the position changed. Although it is still connected and has some of the basics, its still touching the corner of the truth, some things have been changed or moved. But when you connect the papers with a second pin (Book of Mormon) in the top right corner, the top paper is immovable and the doctrine is clear and its exactly on the truth, not just a part. I don't know if you understand the demonstration but its hard to explain without seeing. It was a good Noche de Hogar and we played the card game I gave them for Christmas for a little while.

I am sending home a disk with my mission pics from 2009 and I've been trying to respond to letters. I hope you all have a great week. bye.