...More Faith!

November 30, 2009

This week we had another baptism. On Saturday I baptized Daniela. It was pretty sweet. On Sunday, Elder Perez confirmed her and she recieved the Holy Ghost. We are also teaching her cousin Lucrecia and she came to church on Sunday. Other than that it was a pretty uneventful week. Elder Martinez, our district leader, is super trunky. He dies (goes home) this week. For Thanksgiving I ate chinese: Arroz Cantones and Chop Suey with bread and Fanta Naranja.

Today for P-day we played soccer (surprise, surprise). It was really fun, but we got a little sun burnt. David seems to be doing really well. He always comes to church and activities, even though he lives far away. Joan’s (Its actually spelled Johan, but pronounced Joan) family really wants to follow his steps and be baptized, but they still can’t. I think Lucrecia will end up following her cousin’s example and be baptized. We are teaching some other people that can be baptized soon, like Melvin and a 12 year old kid named Julio. We have a lot of Recent Converts to teach, so we don’t have much time to find new people, but we are getting a lot of references from members so that’s good.

We’ve been really blessed these weeks. We’ve been trying to have more faith and the truth is I don’t even know where our baptisms came from. Some people are just ready and our Heavenly Father prepares them and basically hands them to us having faith that we won’t screw everything up.

I hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving. Did you save me any Turkey? I miss a lot of foods, but I can’t remember what they are. Hope everything is going good.

How to teach your children to be GRATEFUL: (Not that I’ve been the most grateful son in the world but here are just some ideas that popped into my head):
Teach your children the value of hard work, so they understand what it means to have something or earn something and be grateful for it.
Pray as a family and give thanks to God for all that you, as parents, are thankful for, and teach your children to pray and give thanks as well.
Thank your children regularly for the good things that they do.
Do volunteer work and service as a family so that your kids can see how other people have more problems than them and realize how blessed they are, and so they can feel love for other people and have a desire to serve them.
Make your home a happy home so your children can more easily feel and see the blessings they really have . Thank you!
Elder Tobler

Johans Baptism

David's Baptism

Daniela's Baptism