This week was good...

September 28, 2009


we’re still working hard. We had a Priesthood activity on Friday night. The activity was to play soccer and eat some meat. We brought 3 investigators (Diego, Jose, and Oljer) and a menos activo (less active) and recent convert from Limon (Victoriano and Michael). Unfortunately very few members showed up. Fortunately, some of them brought friends and we got some references. Unfortunately no one had keys to the Church, and no one brought a ball, so we had to wait outside the gate for about 2 hours waiting for president Nelson (who lives in La Rita and works in Guapiles) to get there with the keys. I gave two jovenes, (Young men) John and Caleb money to go buy a ball and I had to try to entertain (or at least distract) the people waiting with my stupid comments. (I'm sure they were funny! *Ü*) I tried to keep a positive attitude on the outside but on the inside I was thinking things like, "NOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYY?", and, "You’ve got to be kidding me." In the end we finally got inside ate some meat and played ball. I scored a hat trick and in the end everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves so it was good.

Saturday I called and invited like 5 investigators (Daikline, Dalia, Juan Carlos, Eduardo, and Mindy) and 3 menos activos (Hna Molina, Shirley, Johan) to Church and they all said they would ("Voy a hacer todo lo posible", "Si Dios Quiere", "Si, voy a ir"). (I'm going to do everything possible to go...If God wants...I'll be there) In the end none of them showed up, except for Hna. Molina, which is awesome, because she hasn't gone to Church in the whole time I've been here and maybe longer. We've gotten the menos activo Victoriano to start coming back and he and his "wife" (who we’ve been teaching) Jessica came as well. But man, why didn't the others show up. If you say you are going to come pick them up, people say, "no ill make it this week" and then they don't. Or if you go to pick them up they can't go for some reason. I just don't get why it’s so hard to get people who seem so interested to go to church. But at least Hna. Molina, Victoriano, and Jessica came.

I was able to get the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie in Spanish (I have connections) and so we organized a family activity for last night so we could show the movie to all the members. I love that movie and the message it gives (Shall we not go forward in such great a cause? or something like that) is exactly what this branch needs. Even though there were a couple of little monsters (kids) *Ü* running around making noise the whole time, I think the members saw the sacrifice the early saints and Joseph Smith made for the cause and liked the movie. We've been trying everything we can think of to animo (encourage) this branch. Anyway last night we talked with the in active member who is studying with the Testigo's (Jehovahs witnesses) and clear some questions, He's started studying with some other evangelical church as well (Movimiento Misionero Mundial) and is confused. We've told him to ask God many times before and finally he agreed last night. Hopefully he does. He is the night guard for the store in front of our house (Super San Martin).

Thanks for all your emails everyone. It’s sweet that you’ve moved into the new house. Sounds like you’re having fun most of the time so I’m glad. Keep working hard everyone and good luck.