Not New Shoes YET!

March 2, 2009

This week more of same. Vera is going to be baptized and married this Saturday. The office called this morning and told us that Elder Clark and Stuetz, the two other elders that live with Bonn and I, have emergency changes. They are leaving on Wednesday morning and Elder Bonn and I now have the whole Moravia area to ourselves. That means our area became even larger and we have to take over all of their investigators. This is going to be difficult but could be good at the same time. A four elder house is fun and it will be weird with just Elder Bonn and I. Our rent is going to go up next month so we might have to find another place to stay.

This morning we went to Price Smart with the Jimenez´s and bought peanut butter and Pringles for a better price than in MegaSuper where we always shop. We are now in Centro San Jose and we just ate at Wendy’s. There were like 20 other missionaries there as well. We were expecting to have four investigators at church yesterday but only Vera showed up (she brought her other daughter as well). Mario Aguerro from la Isla is still golden but he has a brother who has epilepsy so his brother has seizures and he has to take care of him. He also doesn’t have church clothes but we told him he should come anyway. Next week we will go to his house and pick him up. Jose Mario is just not progressing very well. He is trying to know if the BoM is true through reason and even though we've explained about the importance of asking god many times he just doesn't get it.

We taught English classes again and it’s going really well. It’s going to be tough with only two Elders now because we won’t be able to have beginners, advanced, and conversational anymore. Supposedly there is a good number of Colombians in Costa Rica but I haven’t met many that I know of. I did see a Colombian flag while I was on the bus on the way here today. I sewed and super glued my shoes up so I’m fine for now. Yes they call us gringos here too. So not much else going on. Big news is just the baptism/marriage and the e changes/widening area. Goodbye.