Leaving the MTC

January 7, 2009

Hi, I'm here in the Baltimore Mission. Yesterday I left the MTC at 6:30 AM. Everything in the airport went smoothly and I didn't have any problems. I traveled alone because no other Elders were going to Baltimore. I talked to this guy from Seattle. When he was about to board the plane I mentioned the church but he rejected me and ran on the plane. On the plane I sat next to a man that has a son serving in Mesa Arizona mission. Two Elders and a guy that works at the Mission Office met me at the airport. Then they took me to meet my companions. I am companion with two Elders. Elder Moreno and Elder Dickens. After eating dinner at Taco Bell we went knocking doors and got rejected a bunch of times. I knocked at one door and we got a return appointment. Afterwards we went to an appointment with a family where the mother just got baptized and her kids want to be baptized but the dad doesn't want them to yet. I am doing Spanish speaking right now by the way. I'm actually not in Baltimore; I’m in a town called Fredericks which is East of Baltimore.

Today is P-day this morning we played indoor soccer with all the Elders in the area. They do it every other P-day. It was really fun and I scored a few goals. One of the members rents the indoor arena every other week and then takes all the missionaries to Pizza Hut afterwards. Next we are going shopping and we have appointments tonight. I am staying in an apartment with four other Elders. They've been very welcoming. Right now I'm here at the library in downtown Frederick. I still don't know exactly how long I’ll be in Maryland. What's everyone up to? What’s everyone doing? Did U of U win something because I saw a congrats sign on the way to the airport. I’m fine here, there are a lot of trees and it’s been raining a lot. Talk to you later.