Intense Week!

March 30, 2009

Hello, This week was pretty intense. We had 3 day divisions. I went to Leon XIII (ghetto) and my district leader came to Moravia to do the two baptismal interviews for Leo and Mario. I was with Elder Nuñez for divisions and we taught some good lessons. We challenged a couple to baptism but they need more time. We told them, all they need to know is that is true and be ready to change. We’ll see what happens. We also taught half of 1st lesson about restoration and left a pamphlet with a teenage guy in ‘La Peregrina’. After we left he ran after us and asked more questions like why he doesn’t feel the spirit in his bible class (he wants to be preacher) and that he is confused. We told him about Joseph Smith and went good. We set up an appointment with him for next week but I won’t be there because it’s not my area. It should be good. I got back to my area Moravia on Friday night after meeting my comp and the District Leaders at Wendys in Centro San Jose. We had to move the two baptisms (Mario and Leo) to Sunday morning before Church. Unfortunately, Leo lost his job this week and then he drank and smoked so he wasn’t able to be baptized. We will keep working with him and he will be baptized but he has to stop drinking and smoking. Mario didn’t show up for his baptism so we were disappointed, but he did show up to Church. He had been running late. We made sure he was still ready to be baptized and we had his baptism after church. Elder Bonn baptized him and the whole baptismal service was awesome. There were many members there and they showed a lot of support. Mario is awesome and he was very happy. He burst into tears when he bore his testimony. I am going to confirm him and he will receive the Holy Ghost next Sunday in Sacrament. I forgot my camera today so ill send Vera and Mario’s baptism pictures next week (hopefully).

My companion, Elder Bonn has changes this week. I am staying in Moravia. Changes are Thursday and I hope I get a cool companion. We already basically know where Elder Bonn is going because we went to the office today to say goodbye to the AP Elder Crowther who is going home. While in the office we put many clues together and we basically know he is going to Turialba. He really wanted to be close to the beach but at least Turialba has campo. He’s been in Moravia for 6 months and wants a change. We also kind of know who his comp is as well. We saw him at Wendy´s and were pretty sure it’s an Ecuadorian Elder who is kinda new. Every companionship in our zone has changes except for the zone leaders (Elder Howl and Elder Siballa). Elder Nuñez is finally leaving his area and so is Elder Jones. Elder Fallevai (awesome, strong, humble, Tongan dude who has learned English and Spanish on his Mission and was going to play for the Tongan National Rugby team (he taught me some Rugby tips the other day)) is also leaving the zone. Changes should be interesting. I am glad I’m not leaving Moravia yet because there is a lot of work to do. We have been so busy and are going to be busier. We still need to baptize Leo Alvarado. We need to work with recent converts Vera and Mario. We need to work with Vera’s family. Vera is trying to work with her husband. Vera’s daughter Helen is ready to be baptized but needs to get married. Work with her kids Luis and Francis. Vera’s other daughter Andrea is interested in baptism and wants us to teach her and her "husband". Leo’s mother, who was against him being baptized, told elder Bonn the other day that she can see the change in Leo and she likes it so maybe she will listen to the lessons. We also want to work with Mario’s brother and other family. We also have investigators like Laura and Jose Mario and Jose Robles. We also have many people in the ward that need support right now. Hno (brother) Saenz’s wife just died and Hno Vargas lost his job. We also have some inactives and we received 3 references that are golden.

Anyway how’s everyone doing? I took money out because I ran out for the month. Rent went up a little bit but I don’t think we’re moving. I haven’t seen much wildlife here yet. Just a few spiders, lizards, lots of dogs and cats and birds, etc (like the dogs and cats we can hear behind our house. they are the weirdest sounding dogs and cats I’ve ever heard. they sound more like aliens. sometimes we think there is a fantasy world behind our house because we hear the strangest sounds back there and we can’t see anything because there is only one tiny window, that is close to the ceiling in our room, that looks behind our house. There is a weird sounding bird that always wakes us up back there as well). The scriptures are really interesting, especially when you use the seminary workbooks to help you understand better. Mom, if you send a package I want gummy worms, cookies, candy, and I don’t know... ask me again next week. Oh, by the way, it’s my companion’s Birthday today. Goodbye.