In Moravia

January 26, 2009

Hello, I am doing fine here. Moravia it’s just a little NE of San Jose. I can see San José when we get up in the hills of our area. Our area is huge. My companion is Elder Bonn from Las Vegas who has only been in Costa Rica for 4 months. We are probably the youngest companionship in the mission. He is a nice guy. We rent out a tiny house that is in the backyard of the owner. I can’t really explain it. We also live with two other elders. Costa Ricans aren’t as humble as I thought. They seem more European than Latin. There are no addresses here so its hard finding peoples houses in this big area if you don’t know the area very well. Luckily my companion knows it pretty well. We walk everywhere we go and take buses every once and awhile. We haven’t had much success lately. We knock and contact all the time. We’ve been trying to work more through the members lately. The weather is nice. My comp thinks its cold but it’s perfect. There has been a light mist and wind all week except for today was hot. Today was p-day and we played soccer. It was an elders birthday so we egged and threw flour on him.
Not much to tell really so see you later. Pura Vida!