Descriptions of Costa Rica

February 16, 2009

How goes it?
I like my area because it has city and campo. Our area goes from city (Centro, our house) to more ghetto areas (los sitios, la isla) and hilly areas (San Antonio, los jardines) and campoish area in and on other side of mountains (San Jeronimo). We also have more hilly areas that are technically not my comp and i´s area because we split the whole area with the two other Elders (Clark and Stuetz), but we still always have to go through that part to get to San Jeronimo and to visit members. The other neighborhoods in the Moravia area are Trinidad, alto Trinidad, platanares, paracito, dulce nombre and I think that’s it. I’m starting to get to know the area better every day as well. The houses here are pretty much like in Colombia. Most of them have gates in front. To knock a door you have to knock on the gate and say "oopay!" The roads here are fine; they are paved except for in some parts of the campo. Like i've probably mentioned before there are no addresses. An example of a decent tico address is 100 m E de la Pulperia Angie, Casa azul con verjas negras, en la isquerda. (From Angies’ store, blue house with black Iron fence) I’ve also heard of an address like: Go south past the Mega super till you get to a three legged dog, if the dog fights a four legged dog and wins turn right til you get to a red house with white verjas (iron fence), if the four legged dog wins then you haven’t gone far enough and keep going til you get to another three legged dog. Although they aren’t usually that extreme, you get the point.

Anyway our investigator Vera has a fecha (date) to be married and baptized, on the same day, on March 7. Helen still needs to talk to her "husband" so they can be married and she can be baptized because she wants to do it on the same day as her mother. Helen has two sons, Luis and Frances. Luis (15) is already baptized but hasn’t been coming to church. Frances (17) has had the lessons but hasn’t been baptized yet. Veras other daughter, Andrea is getting the lessons as well. So by the end we hope to baptize the whole family and have them attend church every week. That's a big goal of ours right now. They are the most solid family we have of our investigators. We (four Moravia elders) teach English classes every Saturday at the church and anyone is invited. Last week Helen, Vera, Andrea, Luis, Frances, and Helen’s other son Michael (5, I think) all came to English lessons and are enthusiastic to come next week. We also had others come to English classes as well and I think it’s great we have them. The Jiminez family, are members that have been helping us a lot with the Helen and Vera and are always there when we teach them. Hermano Saenz still hasn’t started our leather ties because he’s been busy.

I have holes in two of my pairs of shoes. The first pair had a hole in the MTC. The second pair I can fix with super glue or Hermano Saenz (Brother) can fix them and i still have another pair left. I can get more shoes here if I have to. Hermano Saenz is making My companion forros (cases) for his scriptures out of leather. I am going to get leather forros made for cheaper by a company in El Salvador that a lot of missionaries use. Hermano Saenz is from Nicaragua.

Still eat at the china, and member’s houses, and home, and it’s still good. I’m addicted to yogurt. (Yogurt in Costa Rica as in Colombia is liquid) I’ve gotten a lot of really sick ties. Many different colors, widths, and sizes. Still ride buses and walk. Ill see if the package came yet on Thursday. Oh and we built a wall for service this week. Last week we tiled a part of the house and it’s a good thing I knew how to do it because the others didn’t.

One of our Zone Leaders (Elder Cambell) and our District Leader (Elder Depriest) are going home tomorrow. We went to Centro San José again today. We go there almost every p’day to eat and hang out with other missionaries. I talked with the AP´s (Elder Crowther and Elder Evans) and it doesn’t look like any of the four elders in the Moravia area are leaving this change, so it will stay a four elder area. Elder Bonn and I are going to start running every morning and working out, at least that’s the plan. Elder Moreno emailed me from Baltimore mission and told me that Ana Sedillo, a lady i challenged to baptism two nights before I left, got baptized this week. That’s awesome! Thanks everyone for your emails. Peace.